Friday, January 31, 2014

Heroes of Steel - Act 2 Delivers!

Earlier this month, we shared our list of big goals for January for Heroes of Steel development in this blog post. We are excited to now have checked off every item in the list and now we need a new list!

In the mean time, try Episode 1 Act 2 and the Rogue on your mobile or tablet!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heroes of Steel RPG Updates Improve Gameplay

Recent updates to Heroes of Steel RPG bring polish, balance and additional features and content to players who have both the free and paid content.

Heroes of Steel from App Store on iTunes

Heroes of Steel on Google Play

Heroes of Steel RPG on Amazon App Store

v1.2.5 - 1/27/2014

  • Restored ability to tap on shop door, staircase, campsite and move
  • New back story dialogs in Oskahold (Barracks, Temple)
  • New back story dialogs in Riven Field (River Squid, Siege Camp)
  • Monster Details now show Armor & Resistance
  • Renamed Armor Dodge to Evasion to clearly differentiate from Combat Stat, Dodge
  • Reduced AP required to cast Farsight & Spirit Sight
  • Burst of Speed increased Dodge bonus
  • Fixing typos and crashes

v1.2.3 - 1/25/2014

  • Fixed Riven Field Crash (Episode 1 Act 2)
  • Attack Talents display AP based on equipped weapon
  • Corrected display of Cursing Attacks (Silent Stalker)
  • Magical weapon, staff, and shield items show all bonuses
  • Fixed Geraux's flaming blade
  • UI Polish, Dialog and typo fixes

Star Traders RPG v5.3.3 Released (and Aliens killed my Captain)

Star Traders RPG from the App Store on iTunes

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Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Thank you for playing Star Traders RPG!

v5.3.3 - 1/29/2014

  • New Ship Artwork: Rembrant
  • New Ship: Hype Freighter
  • New Ship: Sequel Cruiser
  • New Ship: Raildrake Cruiser
  • New Secret Messages in Palace
  • Fixes Typos, Reported Issues
I was killed by an alien on Impossible yesterday.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Star Traders RPG Updated to v5.3.1

Star Traders RPG from the App Store on iTunes

Google Play "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

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v5.3.1 - 1/25/2014

  • Star Traders RPG Elite on sale 30% off
  • New Ship: Pirate Kingsnake
  • New Ship: Pirate Saga
  • Additional Updates for Navigator Menu
  • Improved Tablet Screen Layout Fixes
  • Fixed Bugs with Repeat Pop-Ups (Sorry!)
  • Fixed Bugs and Reported Crashes
Vega shows deference to a Heavy Patrol

Friday, January 24, 2014

Major Update to Heroes of Steel RPG -- Act 2 of Episode 1 Released

Heroes of Steel from App Store on iTunes

Heroes of Steel on Google Play

Heroes of Steel RPG on Amazon App Store

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v1.2.1 - 1/24/2014

  • Episode 1 Act 2 - major expansion to existing Episode 1 content
  • 14 New Dungeons, over 10 new types of monsters
  • 50+ new Magical Gears, 15+ new Armors, 30+ new Weapons
  • New story, new tactical challenges, new lands to explore
  • New town of 'Riven Field'
  • Android hardware Back Button now supported
  • Magical armor shows all bonuses in Equipment

Age of Pirates RPG v0.8.1 -- New Empires Pack Released

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite

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v0.8.1 - 1/21/2014
 - Added "Skip Intro" Checkbox to New Game
 - Tavern and Castle Rumors Improved
 - Rebalanced Trade of Shot/Powder
 - New Empires in both Free and Elite
 - Added Gao Confederation (Nation)
 - Added Kushan Empire (Nation)
 - Added Zenith Trading Union (Guild)
 - Added Guild of Shighnan  (Guild)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heroes of Steel - Major Things Are Coming!

With Episode 1 Act 2 and the Rogue just around the corner, we took some time out this weekend to do more Talent balancing and game polishing.  Enjoy!

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v1.1.33 - 1/19/2014
- Sensor Auto-Rotation to Reverse Landscape
- Fixed bug in which Ferocity consumes 1 Extra AP
- Crushing Blow gains an Accuracy bonus
- Reduced SP cost of Lightning Spear for Sorcerer
- Fixing Lightning Spear icon, shows disabled state
- Fixed Invalid "Out of Range" with many Talents
- Fixed Main Menu Display Bugs on Nexus Tablets
- Fixed typos and reported crashes

Heroes of Steel from App Store on iTunes

Heroes of Steel on Google Play

Heroes of Steel RPG on Amazon App Store

Heroes of Steel RPG -- Breaching a Door in Red Hill

The team at Trese Brothers is working hard to bring you game play videos full of tips and tricks.

Check this one out, showing some good strategies for sweeping a room.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Star Traders RPG v5.2.15 Released

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Droid X Landscape

This release focus on easier access to the Navigator from both the scroll map and zoom map.

Nexus 7 Portrait

v5.2.15 - 1/17/2014

  • Added Navigator Button to Zoom Map
  • Added Navigator Button to Star Map
  • Improved Button Layouts for some devices 
  • Elite Ship: Whitedwarf Liner
  • Elite Ship: Tuvloct Cutter
  • Navigator Menu Loads Faster
  • Some officer advice improved
  • Fixed Bugs and Reported Crashes

Star Traders RPG from the App Store on iTunes

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heroes of Steel - v1.1.31 Released!

Grab Heroes of Steel's newest big release from any of the major mobile app stores!  The latest update is in review for Apple and Amazon at the moment, but will be released as soon as they have approved it.  Grab it now on Google Play!

Version 1.1.31 is a major polish release, we've done work on most of the major systems in the game, from adding new game music and sounds to balancing talents and adding new previously unavailable Talent powers.  We've taken some feedback from the community and reviewers to make movement in and out of Glom consistently use double-tap, improved our camera control, improved the AI planning phase, and done some work to streamline and simplify the game's intro.  It's a big one!  Don't want to get in on this tactics RPG goodness!

Heroes of Steel from App Store on iTunes

Heroes of Steel on Google Play

Heroes of Steel RPG on Amazon App Store

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game

v.1.1.31 - 1/16/2014
- Farsight Fog Area increases over levels
- Ranged Attack Spell Talents show Accuracy bonus
- Using Restore Point regenerates full HP / SP
- Added auto-scroll to "Talents" list
- All Traps can be spotted on the map (look close!)
- Double Tap Movement Consistently Used
- Camp sites not safe for leveling clearly marked
- Buildings in town better marked and easier to tap
- Music: new soundtrack for towns and wilds
- Consistent Application of Hit Effects/Blood
- SFX: monster curses and Glom now play sounds
- Improved Camera Control during Group Move
- Improved AI Planning Performance
- Added more monster variation
- Streamlined game intro

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heroes of Steel - Reviewed by

We were very excited to have Heroes of Steel Tactics RPG reviewed by 184App's Campbell Bird today.

The review is a great write up of the game and how it will appeal to those who enjoy the tactics RPG or turn-based RPG genre.  Some of the highlights include:

  • "Battles in Heroes of Steel operate in a great, streamlined fashion that seems to be built intentionally for the pick-up-and-play mobile" 
  • "In somewhat typical fashion, these characters are a warrior, wizard, rogue, and cleric – all of which can be moved around the screen by tapping on the grid-like environment." 
  • "It is touches like these, as well as the intriguing story, that make Heroes of Steel seem like it is worth investing in its paid content." 
  • "Overall, Heroes of Steel is easy to recommend for players that want a taste of a rock solid turn-based strategy game for iOS."

Read more on 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heroes of Steel v1.1.29 Delivers!

Last week, we shared some of our goals for near-term development for Heroes of Steel in this blog post.

We are excited to see that the latest release of Heroes of Steel, versions 1.1.27 and 1.1.29 knocked off all of the features that were on the list and even added a few more bonuses!  The release is in review for iOS devices and will hopefully arrive on the iTunes App Store this week.


v1.1.29 & v1.1.27 - 1/12/2013
- 30% speed increase for characters / monsters
- New: Menu button opens Game Menu / Pauses
- Quest Log available off Game Menu
- "Long Walk" bugs fixed - Ends combats after "Restore"
- Enhancing display of Talent + Skill display
- Enhancing Talent Detail display
- Ethereal Anguish - AoE starts at Lvl 4
- Increasing bonus of Thief's Black Night talent

- Increasing range and reducing AP cost of Warding Words
- Shallow water & fords are now difficulty terrain
- Thief can only wear Stealth armor
- Bug and Reported Issues Fixed

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App Store:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Templar Assault RPG updated to v1.9.5

The latest release to our space combat, hulk clearing, hive battling turn-based strategy squad death fest has been posted to Android. Paint the halls of abandoned cruisers and Inquisitor class battleships with the blood of the hostile alien.

Take your Star Trader's adventures to the next level as you engage boarding parties and fight deck to deck on classic ship designs from the trading classic.

v1.9.5 - 1/12/2014

  • Updated Victory Text for some Gux Malleus levels
  • Narvidian Combat Drones +1 HP on all Difficulty
  • Balancing Honor/Prestige Costs for Weapons
  • Performance Improvement for all Androids
  • Improved Kit Kat (Android 4.4+) Support

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Amazon Templar Assault Elite

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Star Traders RPG v5.2.13 Released

While the team at Trese Brothers Games has been very busy with the new game release (Heroes of Steel RPG) we are still dedicated to playing Star Traders and producing updates that extend the game and keep it fresh for old players and balanced for new ones. If you happen to read this blog, please support Star Traders RPG By Leaving a Review on your app market of choice.

v5.2.13 - 1/11/2014

  • Elite Edition has 20% more Ship upgrades for sale
  • New Ships: Paladin Cruiser, Paladin Carrier
  • Armor now Soaks on turn it is destroyed
  • New Stardock rating texts and variability
  • Military Stardock now gives Transport Contracts
  • 5 New Rumors in Palace
  • 3 New Rumors in Spice Hall

Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Star Traders RPG from the App Store on iTunes

Star Traders RPG Elite from the App Store on iTunes

Google Play "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heroes of Steel - Upcoming Features

The Trese Brothers workshop is about to blast out some major updates to Heroes of Steel Tactics RPG in the next few weeks. January is going to be a huge month for expanding content, closing critical feature gaps, and pushing the game forward across all the markets.

 I wanted to take a moment to summarize the big items that are coming, as some of these are being constantly requested across all of our channels!

New Content is coming ...

  • Everyone is asking about Episode 2, but first we are going to add Act 2 of Episode 1.  For those who have finished the currently available content, you've so far enjoyed Episode 1, Act 1 (which cost $1).  We will now be adding Episode 1, Act 2 (for which you've already paid - smart move!).  This new content expansion will include a new town, many new dungeons, and new monster races as well!
  • While you may be cackling along as you use Vincent's crackling energy to blast your foes, Selen the Rogue will be the next optional character added to the game.  She is a melee specialist who replaces Tamilin the Thief in the Stealth slot.  While Selen still brings some ranged abilities to the table, her best strengths are in her Cursing Attacks that both deal damage to her enemies and impact a debilitating Curse that will help other team members bring the target down.

Major Features are coming ...

  • While the story and the dialog assists by pointing out "where to go next" it can still be very easy to get lost or to miss a pointer.  Or, you walked away from the game for a few days and are not sure where to pick up next.  The Quest Log makes it very easy to see what your immediate priorities are, including differentiating between main-line story quests, optional subquests, and also keeping a running record of the heroic deeds that you have completed.  Games that already existed will have their Quest Log start showing items as they play, and new games will get a Quest Log right at the start of the game to help guide you forward.  The Quest Log entries are written to be sure to give guidance about direction and location to insure you can get to the next step!
  • We've had a lot of feedback that the Menu button (top left) is just too easy to touch accidentally.  This can be really annoying as it currently pops you out to the game menu, and if you want to resume play, you have to go back through another loading sequence.  We are on the brink of changing the menu button to a Pause Menu button that will stop the game and give you the option to Resume Play, see the Quest Log, or go to the Main Menu.  Other major features will come to this Pause Menu eventually, including the World Map.
  • If your party has been defeated and used a Restore Point you may have experienced the Long Walk Bug. In this case, the monsters that killed you stay on the map and you are sent far away ... and you may have a very long walk in Combat Mode back to the combat.  This is a hard bug to overcome, but we are just around a corner from putting this issue to rest.  Your group will be moved to the Restore Point, and the enemies that killed you will be cleaned up and ready for you to face again when you try to defeat that area again. 

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Age of Pirates RPG v0.7.7 Release for Android

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Please support Age of Pirates RPG By Leaving a Review

v0.7.7 - 1/6/2014

  • New: Long Press Map Navigation Arrows
  • Improved Map Loading Speed
  • Updated Ship Artwork for Pirates
  • Better Kit-Kat Support (Android 4.4)
  • Improved Game Performance for Tablets
  • Fixed Reported Crashes / Bugs

Rules for Game Development Part 1

I recently took to Twitter to post some snippets from the +Trese Brothers playbook about game development and several people on the network liked the posts enough to Favorite them.

Rule #1 : Play the games you make, for there is no better source of inspiration, ideas and connections to your customers.

This rule is a restatement of a common business adage I've heard from mentors many times -- "eat your own dog food" or "if you don't love your product, no one will."

I are certainly not saying that we try to play our games exclusively (my rule is 50% my games, 50% other indie developers) but we have found that to really own them, to improve them constantly, we have to play them.

This is our first rule because it is how we started +Trese Brothers. The first game we created, +Star Traders RPG, was not originally designed for other people to play -- it was designed as a way for Andrew and I to compete in a game on our new Android phones. The first several versions were distributed by e-mail between Andrew and I and the two of us were the players.

Andrew and I have continued weekly Star Traders competitions. Those play sessions continue to generate some of the best bug fixes, game play enhancements and new game ideas the project has had.

Rule #2 : Treat the gamers who play your game as you would want to be treated. Your game's goal is to turn customers into friends.

This rule is a restatement of a common adage called the "golden rule" in the area where we grew up. When we are considering a feature, an in-app purchase or a change to a game we think about sitting down with our players around a kitchen table.

This is our guideline and compass for the things we add to our games and the partners we chose. Could you explain your choices to your best friend?

Rule #3 : Never give up on a game that is fun to play and treats gamers as you would want to be treated. Update it and fight hard.

This rule is near and dear to us, and to the people who play our games. When we first released Star Traders RPG it was a rough cut of a game created for two people to play. Three years and 400 updates later, it has a 4.75 out of 5.00 rating with 8,000 reviews. There were ups and downs through the years, and times when we thought the game was going to be forgotten, taken off the market, or otherwise fail.

During the first year the game was on the market, we played Star Traders constantly, sometimes for hours a day. The richest source of ideas for improvement of the game we found was our own obsessive playing.

Discord + New Logo

Folks - we're excited to announce that we've started a Discord server. All players, all games, all Trese Brothers, all the time. ...