Thursday, October 30, 2014

Age of Pirates RPG Updated to v1.2.11

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Age of Pirates RPG

Also fixed this bug...

v1.2.11 - 10/30/2014
 - New Ship Artwork: Heavy Schooner
 - New Ship: Darksea Schooner
 - Score Screen: Show Difficulty
 - Score Screen: Show Permadeath Mode
 - Awards and Unlocks Screens Improved
 - Fixed Issues with Island Names Switching

Monday, October 20, 2014

Improving Patreon Rewards - check out $2 to $10

We're very proud to have a small, but growing group of Patrons who are helping to support Trese Brothers with a monthly donation. To encourage new members to join in sponsoring us, we've just re-organized the reward structure to make the lower value pledges more valuable!

Check out Patreon today to see how you can support Trese Brothers and get unprecedented access to their team, art stream, and voting rights on upcoming projects.

As we restructure the Patreon rewards, the most notable changes include reducing the reward for viewing the Exclusive Art Stream to $10 a month, and adding a $2 voting rights reward that will grant you access to monthly polls we will post for Patreon users. In these polls, you'll be asked to pick among a list of characters, game systems, and other game parts that you want to see revamped with art or improved in game play.

We hope you will check it out and consider supporting us for as low as $1 a month:

As you know, we try to be a unique game studio. We tirelessly update our games - almost every game getting an update a week. We pride ourselves on constant customer contact, and fair IAPs. We never use advertising, and our games have very reasonable low prices. If you love these principles, we ask that you join as a patron, for as low as $1 a month, to help us continue to be able to make games, update our games, and be different, unique - be the Trese Bros.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

4X Empires Launches Hyperion Ship Skins

In the years following the landing of the colony hives, your empire has grown.  New shipyards have been raised on every major planet and settlement. First scouts and colonizers, and then fighters and hulking cruisers were constructed in the great yards, carrying hundreds if not thousands of souls into the dark of space.

Designs from the old world may have come with your exiled colonists -- even the plans and blueprints of the great Hyperion battleships of the old galactic core.

Buy the $1 Hyperion Ship Skin pack today to access 16 new ship skins, including 4 new skins for every ship type in your fleet.

Buy the Hyperion Ship Pack on Google Play today!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cyber Knights v.2.5.5 Wraps up Jobs

With every new major system, it takes a little time to shake out the dust.  This release should shake the last of the bugs out of the new major jobs update, in which you can pick a job from a multiple choice list whenever you approach a Connector.

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v2.5.5 - 10/13/2014
 - Fixed reported crashes in new Job Queue system
 - Escorts are no longer displayed as "Active Allies" in VIP team lists
 - Hunder profession starts the game with more heavy shells (25)
 - Fixed bug where phone Connectors were using local region Reputation
 - Fixed range issue with Face talent Threaten / Negotiate - max range 3
 - Snipers get job bonus on Surveillance jobs

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

App Store - Elite Strategy Bundle

Love Trese Brothers games and want them all on your iPad or iPhone?  Snag the new Elite Strategy bundle from Trese Brothers off the App Store for iTunes.

All three of our iOS games are bundled together for a discount price of $9!  Heroes of Steel, Star Traders RPG, and Star Traders 4X Empires - at 25% off its hard to resist.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Heroes of Steel - Willpower in Action!

The latest release of Heroes of Steel puts another another piece of the original design document into code and into the game. Finally, that text you've seen in the leveling screen for attributes telling you that Willpower helps resist any curses (there since the beginning) is true. Thanks to all for the feedback, keep sharing.

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v2.2.39 - 10/7/2014
- Willpower attribute grants auto-resistance save against enemy curses
- Each point of Willpower attribute adds 3-5% resistance depending on difficulty
- Improved display of magical damage in monster detail box
- Reduce cost of purchasing Tome of Cleansing
- Paladin's Blessed Aura matches color scheme of all other healing (blue)
- Fixed issue where gold rewards from story events were doubled
- Removed Kickstarter Links

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Discord + New Logo

Folks - we're excited to announce that we've started a Discord server. All players, all games, all Trese Brothers, all the time. ...