Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cyber Knights v2.6.17 - Big Weapon Compat Update

The latest Cyber Knights release makes major improvements on how you can view and confirm weapon compatibility.  The biggest step forward is that weapon shops are now making it easy to see the weapon type and directly check who on the team can use the weapon.  Each weapon shows its type icon, and that icon can be tapped to check to see who can use it.

In addition, the new game screens and Runner lists are now displaying every type of weapon.  Previously, only 4 types were shown, leaving you in the dark about the full picture.  Now, all 12 weapon types are there, even those for Hunds!

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v2.6.17 - 12/18/2014
 - Improved weapon compatability display for Knights & Runners
 - In new game & runner list - tap weapon icon to see specific weapon type
 - In weapon shop, type of weapon icon is displayed
 - In weapon shop, tap weapon type to see which team members can use
 - Elite-only: new KH Merc Runners will be Snipers
 - AgentEX Burst Fire applies accuracy bonus to pistols and SMGs
 - Improved Game Store and IAP

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Star Traders 4X now on Steam

Hi, my name is Andrew Trese and along with my brother Cory, we are Trese Brothers Games. As a member of our gaming community forum, you have played at least one the six games we have made for Android, iOS, PC or Mac - and we hope you are still enjoying our continued updates!

Tonight, we are excited to release Star Traders 4X Empires on Steam for PC and Mac.  The Steam release includes Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, and a major new UI update with the 2.0.1 release.  At a 20% launch discount, there is no better time to pick up a copy of Star Traders 4X Empires for your big screen!

Star Traders 4X Tactics writes the next chapter of the epic story of the Star Traders, allowing you to tell the tale of the splinters of the great Exodus as they settle their own new Quadrants. How will you hold your empire together and defeat the xeno threat without the Templar Fleet to protect your people?

Buy Star Traders 4X Empires on Steam today!

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Trese Brothers - Two Brothers on a Mission

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cyber Knights v2.6.15

The newest release of Cyber Knights opens a lot of new and exciting doors.  The VIP rooms on AzTek A12 Work Isle are now bustling with their own unique crowd of patrons -- Data Hounds, Persona-Fixers, and VIPs you can't meet anywhere else in the NBZ.  With the heavy presence of the Knight Horizon Security Forces, there are Mercs for hire on A12.  If you've been looking for a heavy weapon specialist, these Mercs are perfect for you, as they can use both shotguns and rifles -- packing some of the heaviest firepower you can carry.

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v2.6.15 - 12/8/2014
 - Elite-only: Backroom VIP rooms on A12 Isle have unique patrons
 - Elite-only: Hire new Runner, Knight Horizon Merc on A12 Isle
 - Elite-only: Knight Horizon Merc can use shotguns and rifles
 - Fixed bugs with Hunds cybernetic weapons - only one weapon is allowed
 - Fixed some Pawn shops that were not being labeled
 - Improved flow of Hunder purchase in Elite
 - Surveillance jobs will not repeat destinations

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heroes of Steel v3.1.9

The latest Heroes updates brings new visuals for the Paladin in heavy army and great quality of life upgrades to the HUD.  When your group transitions into Glommed mode, the button changes its visual display to one gold head and two silver heads, indicating that you are grouped.  No more mistakes, wandering off a long distance with one character while the others stand idle.

Fyona the Paladin also received a new skin when she wears heavy armor, combining plate and pauldrons with a horned helm for maximum protection and intimidation.

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v3.1.9 - 11/26/2014
 - Added Heavy armor skin for Fyona the Paladin
 - Glom button in HUD indicates group status visually
 - E3: Fixed typos and map issues, simplified Waystations in SW/SE Wheel Road
 - Explained 1 AP refund for Spirit Sight, Far Sight, and Sly Look when cast from Stealth
 - Corrected AoE target count on large spells, Masterful Disarm, Disarming Touch
 - Improved main menu UI

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