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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v2.9.7 Released

The newest release of Cyber Knights adds another exciting Safehouse upgrade -- now you can pay to put luxury fitting into your Safehouse.  With a Luxury Pad, you'll get the best rest in the NBZ be able to go farther without getting Exhausted.

With now 5 Safehouse upgrades available, you're going to need more than one Safehouse to deck out your team for your jobs.  Bodyguarding also saw a big upgrade this release in balance and variety in the outcomes.

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v2.9.7 - 2/27/2015
 - New Safehouse Luxury Pad upgrade - be better rested than the best hotel
 - Improved balance and variety of Bodyguarding missions
 - Fixed bug with Pit Breeder's Kennels
 - Taxis refuse to transport your team during any Escort / Kidnap / Bodyguards job
 - Fixed touch lock-up issues in shops
 - Shops and Safehouses show option to complete all active jobs instead of only first
 - Fixed crash with Blue Ox melee weaponry

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