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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v2.9.17 Released

The newest release helps mitigate the risk of losing team mates.  If you've invested thousands in their weapons and armor, there is a chance you'll be able to recover that if the Runner, Ally, or Pet is permanently dead.

Also, we've added a long requested Skip button which allows a character to completely forfeit their turn and bow out of the round.  With Escorts, or on turns where you are waiting for something to happen this can dramatically speed up game play.  If you're looking to only delay for a single AP, just double-tap your characters.

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v2.9.17 - 3/29/2014
 - In combat Victory, can recover some weapons and armor from killed Runners (perma-death only)
 - Skip button added to combat - spends all AP & ends turn
 - Wait a single AP by double-tapping your character
 - Improved edge case in Exhaustion meter - always shows 1 bar until fully Exhausted
 - Fix AP tracking when using combat Talents, no more negative AP

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