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Heroes of Steel - Storm Brothers Story Arc

This morning, we released the newest story arc for Episode 3, the Storm Brothers. The story arc was designed and created by one of our most involved KickStarter backers -- Lord Gansai himself. You might remember Lord Gansai as the designer of the Underforge, and you probably saw him at work again in the Star Traders 2 KickStarter helping us cross the finish line so spectacularly. Now, enjoy his creative vision again in the world of Heroes of Steel through the Storm Brothers story arc.

The Storm Brothers story arc:
  • Can be started by visiting the ice in Bone Pass in the far eastern Underdeep. 
  • Will require you to start Episode 3 before you can go far 
  • Adds 4 new unique story characters to the world 
  • Includes 4 new dungeons, 3 completely new monster types, and exciting new variations on the Krete and Orcin -- new tribes mean new nasty abilities 
  • Piles of new magical gear, only available on this story arc 
  • Over 800 lines of dialog and 20 new cut-scenes 
  • Advances and opens other story arcs in the world of Steel -- old friends, old mysteries

So get in there!

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v3.2.13 - 3/13/2015
 - All IAP Characters are 50% off
 - New E3 story arc - "Storm Brothers" - created by KickStarter backer
 - "Storm Brothers" story arc adds 4 new dungeons, 3 new monster types, new Krete & Orcin tribe abilities
 - Start Storm Brothers story arc by visiting the ice in Bone Pass
 - Added 5 Moonstones and 1 Bloodstone
 - New hotkey Tab to toggle character list
 - Updated keymap to include Tab, Esc, Enter
 - Improved Vincent's unique items

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