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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault 2: Dev Blog #2

Some of the founding game design ideas for Templar Assault 2 were to create both a strategic and tactical game, with our second dev blog post, I want to talk about how we've done that.

First -- the tactical part I believe is clear and evident. You will deploy Templar Knights onto the field of battle, fight against enemies on all manner of fronts and terrains, all while trying to accomplish varied and sometimes nigh on impossible primary and secondary objectives.  And when it's all over, sometimes it will look like this --

The strategic side of Templar Assault 2 allows you to be the Captain and the commander of your forces and to work at a higher level to determine how you will face your tactical objectives.  Who do you deploy, how are they trained, what load-out do they carry?  

Much of the exciting push and pull of this strategy will be in your choices in Requisition.

Requisition is the process of unlocking the supply capabilities to deploy new types of Knights, weapons, armor, gear, one-use items, and the training to advance your Knights of any class.  As you are victorious in your conquests, you'll gain Requisition Points and can unlock new branches of the tree.  Until you unlock the Berserk's required Requisition, you won't be able to deploy this type of Knight.  As you unlock the Scout's tree, you'll have the option to put your focus on sniper training and powerful long distance rifles or on stealth techniques and gear.  

Your Requisition decisions will drive your army design and you'll find that each squad you create will take a unique path in their Requisition specialization, and therefore your army will be different every time.  

We've very excited to see the interaction between the tactical and strategical level play out.  Subscribe here to our blog or our to mailing list to keep up with the latest news about Templar Assault 2's impending release.


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