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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Battleforce Alpha Phase 1

We're coming into the final hours of the first phase of the Templar Battleforce Alpha, and it has been a blast! From what we are reading on our feedback pages and threads, the alpha team has been having a good time too.

Thoroughly enjoying the game, its a cracking piece of work guys.
                                        -- bobc

I'm so happy to be a part of this alpha- such a great experience so far!!
                                        -- lurker

The game is looking fantastic and I like the info & story being told
                                         -- nemo

We have made a lot of progress based on the player feedback. We're measuring and tracking as much as we can, of course, with every intention of making the game better.

Phase 1 by the Numbers

  • 1,173 posts by Alpha Team Members on the Forum
  • 60 Alpha Test Members
  • 51 Alpha Test Members active in Phase 1
  • 65% of Users in the US
  • 75 Registered Alpha Test Devices
  • 60 Android Downloads
  • 700 Android Game Sessions Played for Phase 1
  • 12 Android Crashes
  • 10 iOS Downloads
  • 140 iOS Game Sessions Played for Phase 1
  • No crashes on iOS


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