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Brett Caron - The Author Behind No Legacy Between The Stars

Brett Caron (@brettcaron) is the author behind No Legacy Between The Stars.  Download our newest short fiction from the Star Traders universe to your iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle.

When we first asked Brett to tell us about himself, this is what we got ...
Abandoned at birth, Brett Caron was raised by wolves in the Canadian wilderness. When his adopted pack was caught by local trappers, he escaped captivity and headed for civilization. Dancing for quarters on street corners, the half-feral runaway soon had enough for a bus ticket to Toronto. Only the negligence of the fast food industry kept him alive at first.

He slowly learned English by observing people in shopping mall food courts and reading take-out menus. After a false start in rodeo clowning that turned out to be beginner’s luck, he settled on writing. At least until technology catches up to the point where cyborg dinosaur ninja became a viable career choice.

He died as he lived - in that weird dream he had a few months ago.

So we had to ask him again.

Who is Brett Caron?
A very good question, and something that I’m still figuring out. So far, I seem to be an okay person. I think so, but my opinion is almost certainly biased so I really can’t be trusted. I haven’t ever serial murdered anyone, which is probably a good thing unless all those people were clones of Hitler or something.

I didn’t do well in school, mostly because I coasted and slacked off. When I figured out later that I wanted to be a writer, I stopped slacking off and here we are several years later now. I also obsessively enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, walks on the beach, and talking about myself so let’s just end this part before I really get going.

Where did you find your love of sci-fi?
I have some good memories with my dad, watching Alien in the dark eating ketchup chips or having my mind blown into quantum fragments by Ghostbusters. He introduced me to a lot of cool stuff that came out while I didn’t exist and it definitely got into me early enough that I’ve sought out great sci-fi and fantasy since.

How did you discover Trese Brothers games?
I drunkenly downloaded Star Traders in bed one night and stayed awake long enough to name my character Quasar Pants. I woke up drooling on my phone and made a new character. I like how hard sci-fi makes even traveling in space a hazard, and even though it’s a turn-based game that’s easy to jump in and out of it always has stakes that add drama to stabbing at a touch screen on the bus. Captain Pants never got the chance to sail the void, which makes me a little sad now that I think about it.

Where else could readers find your work?
I do some blogging for O2E Brands, who also employ me as an analyst. Both positions are fun, and one requires me to wear pants. I work with a great editor, Sam Landa.  She knows how to rein me in when a tangent on the electromagnetic spectrum of light as it relates to cybernetics or the morality of Columbus Day or sewer goblins deviates from brand compliance or goes over word count.

I’ve been playing Rifts for ages, and so working with Palladium Books to publish stories in The Rifter is some of the work I’ve enjoyed the most. They have some awesome new stuff coming that I’ll be excited to be a part of – Chuck Walton’s art makes me feel like I’m 12 again and picking up a sourcebook for the first time.

There’s some work on my blog, and updates on future releases. There’s links there to other work in older posts. I have a book of short stories and my entry in the 3-Day Novel contest from last year in edits, and of course there are more Star Traders stories to tell.


  1. I love RIFTS (The Palladium Game. Not to be confused with that MMO of the same name that ripped off the name)


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