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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights 2.9.23 Preps for Drone Master!

With the final release before the Drone Master is added to Cyber Knights, we've improved the critical hit system in the game, made it more visible, and added new cyberware to let you pump the stat.

We've also updated the icon!

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v2.9.23 - 5/1/2015
 - Improved damage for critical hits, improved combat messages for critical hits
 - Added Combat Display Link 2, +15% critical hit
 - Removed "at optimal range" stipulation from critical hit cyberware
 - Fixing bugs with Encounters and electronic kits
 - Drone Master prep release

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Cyber Knights RPG
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Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights Elite RPG


  1. Love this game, have for a couple of years now. Are there any plans for Cyber Knights RPG to make a Steam appearance? I, for one, would love to see this title make it over. Especially given the success of the Shadowrun releases of late.

    1. @deac - we aren't in a position to port any game created before Heroes of Steel to PC, Mac or Linux -- but all future Trese Brothers games will be coming that way!


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