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Cyber Knights is Coming

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No Legacy Between The Stars - Short Fiction from the Star Traders Universe

Today, Trese Brothers is proud to announce the first short fiction in the Star Traders universe by Brett Caron (@brettcaron):

No Legacy Between The Stars

Download his work from any of the major online markets:

Join the the crew of the intrepid and fearless Explorer, Captain Gloukhoze, as he embarks another mission in search of riches and fame.  From the Spice Halls to the bustling Star Dock, into the void of space and onto the surface of wild planets, you're invited to visit the Star Traders universe with new eyes, from new perspectives. No Legacy's captivating narrative shares the harrowing experience of an exploration mission to an untamed moon. -- where life and death hang in the balance.

As co-creators of the Star Traders universe, Cory and I were delighted to work with Brett to share another slice of the myriad planets, people, and adventures of the Star Traders.  We hope you will join us on this new adventure!


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