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Heroes of Steel v4.1.11 Released!

This release goes out to any of the heroes who went into the City of the Dead before the Fang subquest or before the Storm Brothers quest.  We've opened up the eastern Underdeep once again to allow you to access these subquests -- which means you can now go back to Brunehorn and Braeyshaulm.  You'll find the cities mostly empty, except as ways to head east and reach this previously locked up content.  Thanks to everyone for the patience as we keep building out E4.

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v4.1.11 - 7/6/2015
 - Episode 4: re-opening access to the Eastern Underdeep - Braeyshaulm & Brunehorn
 - Episode 4: start the Storm Brothers subquest (from Bone Pass) or Fang subquest (from Granthorn)
 - Episode 4: new content, Gholla Outlook and Western Underdeep are coming soon
 - Improved Fyona's HP and Toughness equations
 - Re-balanced Shamans at Oskahold east gate fight
 - Added Auto-block % to status display, fixed bugs with Auto-block shields
 - Fixing bugs with lingering quest logs
 - Off clicking with Right-click cancels Talent

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  1. The Steam version refuses to launch. I re-verified the files through Steam, but it won't launch!

    1. Odd, what kind of error message are you getting? Can you hop this conversation over to the forum or the Steam boards? Also, check this troubleshooting thread -


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