Star Traders 5.9.7

Few things make a game developer more happy than a well-said 5 star review.  Thanks to Chad on Google Play for sharing:

"I've got more value from the purchase if this game than any other app of any kind that I've purchased to date."

With the 5 year anniversary for Star Traders RPG now come and gone, I can believe it. With over 350 updates now recorded, I know that Chad is speaking the truth.

Our latest update, v5.9.7 keeps piling on that value! 

Thank you for playing the Star Traders games 

v5.9.7 - 8/20/2015
 - New Ship: Dark Prow Cruiser
 - New Ship: Radicans Carrier
 - Grammatical fixes for Sector Menu
 - New and Updated Reputation Titles
 - Improved formatting for Military Ranks


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