Templar Battleforce v1.1.25 Submitted to Apple

The latest update of Templar Battleforce has been submitted to Apple for review.


- New Option: skip animation on enemy turn (speed play)
- Art update: new equipment art for all armor types, shows differences
- Fixed issue with incorrect count for Starting Knights in levels with Lev-Rig or Humans
- Fixed Issues with Music resuming while Muted
- Added 5 new Requisition levels: new Commander branch for Captain
- Captain gains 2 new crippling Talents: Discerning Eye (lineage memory spots weakness) and Fire Commander (focused fire destroys enemy)
- New Sighted Sidearm for Captain, 4 range
- New Void Legion RELIC armor for Captain or Paladin
- Moved Commander's Deployment Ordnance into new Commander Branch
- Art update: improved rendering of all equipment screens
- Art update: improved effect animations for buffs, concus grenades
- Improved equipment choice screens - if unable to equip due to Gear Level, GL shown in red
- Cyclone-Strike Tact corrected to be an Expert-Proc for Berserk
- Reduced wait time between buffs, monster attacks, counter-attacks
- Adjusted starting Hydra Talents to be more easily available (Hellstorm 3, Napalm Charge 3)
- Adjusted starting Berserk Talents to be more easily available (Strike 3, Unbalancing Blows 3)
- Improve character status UI, removed Respec screen transition
- Balanced and improve max updates for Tact Points across the game
- Berserk's Indomitable Defense now costs 0 AP, sets MP to 0 but does not end turn
- Fixed bug failing to display correct max army cap (12/15)
- Fixed Achievement for getting a Captain to level 20
- Fixed unmarked spawns in levels like Traitor's Bunker
- Added class features (Toughness, Resistance, +HP per Fortitude) added to status page
- Improved Artifact Vaults: 4th artifact is secondary objective
- Fixed bugs with Ferarai Lance: Atmo Reentry mission not ending properly
- Fixed bug with possible duplicate boss in Extermination Protocol
- Improved display of active effects (click on small effect icons, bottom right)
- Two new character portraits added to Templar Designer
- Fixed crashes in Ferarai Lance Power Relay and Ferarai Lance Atmo Reentry
- Fixed issue with liche boss
- Added 2 new alternate levels to Ferarai Lance deployment, new deployment choice
- Improved models and art for all Templar classes, more identifiable
- Increase of SP Cost of Templars is capped after Level 20
- Dismissed Templars will no longer appear in the list of Dead Templars
- Captain Talents fixed / improved
- Reduced heat of Blade Weave (9), Honing (12 for 3 turn buff)
- Fixed hindering effects of Denounce, now grants +Crit Vulnerability
- Removed SP generation cap from Tactical Point upgrades
- Improved display of equipment selection window
- Fixed issue with entering Deck 7 from Righteous Fallen, late game
- Fixed story events and display of human citizens
- Fixed bug with high level story characters having their Talents disappear (above 10+)
- Gear Balance for Prowess Core
- Improved difficulty of Leo Major Drop Zone
- Fixed RQ level for Targeting System RELIC


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