Templar Battleforce RPG Full Game HD Update v1.1.31

The latest update for Templar Battleforce has been submitted to the App Store.

- Added move path highlighting for Templars
- Remixed some music tracks
- Multi-Kill Achievements with Napalm Charge
- Higher Difficulty "Skip Tutorial" Grants XP Bonus
- Removed Required Berserker Spawns from Maps
- Fixed Mid-Level Saving of TP Credits & TP Upgrades
- Increased Duration on Indomitable Defense to 4 Turns
- Added Spawn Control Rule: burning fire on a spawning point prevents spawning
- New monster variations added, appearing as squad increases in level
- 2 New xeno Hunter variations: Plated Hunter (+Armor) and Predator (+MP, +Dmg)
- New xeno Spitter variation: Lancer (+Range)
- New xeno Goliath  variation: Siege Goliath (+HP)
- Damage show on the map even if -0; differentiates miss / soaked hit
- Improved Neptune's Full-Vent Talent: directly reduces Heat in trade for move / defense penalties
- Fixing incorrect locations in Objectives list
- Burst Fire and other attack Talents include range in detail box
- Improved consistency of weapon naming
- Fixed Reported Crashes and Bugs


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