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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v2.9.27 Update Released

Thanks to all of our supporters, we've pushed another Cyber Knights release. While it does not include the Drone Master, it allowed us to handle a large amount of engine work that is required to support the drone master -- we've now covered all the special rules about XP, weapons, cybernetics, armor, using items, ally/dismiss/death and how drones act in encounters. We're not there by a bit, but we're getting closer with each release.

I shouldn't forget to mention - new Cyberware, fun new rules about V-Chips, an art update on the NBZ, and finally turning McCougan into something useful (it's been 5 years coming!)

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v2.9.27 - 11/16/2015
- New Cyberware: Chameleon Sheathe I and II - add Stealth bonus
- Team has 50% chance to gain +1 XP if installing a duplicate V-Chip
- Updated map tiles for roads across the NBZ
- McCougan is now a Flatline Connector
- Continued engine work to support drone weapons / cyberware

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