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Heroes v4.1.35: Major Tamilin Upgrade!

Tonight's update is a special one and brings a major upgrade to Tamilin the Thief. Sneaking through the Underdeep with all new artwork, the Thief is more deadly than ever. Her previous melee-focused talents have been switched to Talents that complement her ranged nature -- Throwing Knives. Now stirring up a maelstrom of steel everywhere she goes, Tamilin can hurl cursing attacks with 1 AP Throwing Knives to curse, hinder, and damage targets. In a big change, Tamilin now has a -AP cursing attack in her Torrent of Steel Talent. 

Because this change does take away Tamilin's only melee options, she fights under a special rule and is able to hurl throwing knives at 1 range.

We're looking forward to a big Episode 4 release coming soon, and also working on art upgrades for the other 7 characters.

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v4.1.35 - 12/11/2015
- Major Character Upgrade: Tamilin the Thief
- Tamilin: all new art for character and dialogs
- Tamilin: Torret of Steel Talent is now a Throwing Knives Curse (-AP, -Dodge, -Res)
- Tamilin: no longer uses blades, only throwing knives, can throw at 1 range
- Consolidated all status details onto single screen
- Disarm Trap talents do not fire if no traps present

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