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Holiday Pledge Drive: 6 Reasons to Patreon!

Happy Holidays friends, gamers, and community members!  It's been a big year for Cory. Martin and I with the release of Templar Battleforce and the engines of Star Traders 2 roaring in production.

As a studio, we have grown up around community support, listening and working with our gamers, and insanely strong post-release support and updates. If you've enjoyed and benefited from the 100+ updates we have released in 2015 alone for our games, we hope you'll take a minute to consider joining our Patreon family.

We are hoping to grow our membership on Patreon from 33 to 45 during this pledge drive, so we hope you will help!  Here are 6 holiday reasons to join our Patreon this year!

Stuff a Stocking with an Alpha Discount - Make your Money Back!

If you ever plan to join a Trese Brothers Alpha, then save yourself some money and pledge to Patreon today!  Our Patreons at any level get a 60% discount on our paid alphas, saving you $15.  If you pledge $1 a month and join one alpha a year, you just made some money!

Twelve Months of Joy & Wallpapers

Now you can match your desktop or phone background with what Andrew and Cory have all year long!  Every month we publish a new wallpaper for anyone pledging $1.  I've got it, you'll get it, it'll be like you're in the family.

Sail the Stars with Captain Avenira

The Star Traders web comic is free to read, but supported by our Patreons. And with the initial two pages now published, we're entering the first choice nexus where the votes of our Patreons will determine what happens next in the story and tie Captain Avenira to a Faction (it looks like Steel Song, folks!)

Decorate for the Holidays

Turn on some colored lights and wear your Patreon badge with pride. Pledge $5 a month for a Patreon badge on our bustling community forum, hub of all things Trese Brothers!

Peak in Santa's Art Stream

The Patreon exclusive Art Stream is busy this time of year with early shots of Star Traders 2, new content teasers for Heroes of Steel, and other exciting work-in-progress, drafts, Andrew's practice sheets, and gifts that will or will not see the light of day.  Peak into Santa's bag and see what goodies are in there for $10 a month.

Keep the Lights on and Coffee Brewing

Cory and I have pursued our passion of making and sharing games for coming on six years. We've been able to do so only with your support.  Join our Patreon to help us keep the lights on late, the servers overclocking and the coffee pots full.

Enough reasons?  Join our Patreon family today!

Thank you as always, and happy holidays and merry Christmas to all of you and yours!
Andrew and Cory Trese


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