Star Traders Web Comic Pg2 and Two New Polls

Very excited to share the second page of this project and seeing it start to heat up with the support from our team on Patreon.  As the second page rolls out, we've posted two new polls for our Patreons with voting rights ($2 pledge).  We hope you'll join the family and get in on this awesome new project, as well as scoring monthly digital wallpapers, and major discounts on all Trese Brothers alphas.

We've hit the second and third choice moment - join up and vote on the Patreon post!

Choice Moment #2

She could have betrayed her Faction's Prince, but which one is her Faction?

[ ] Steel Song!
[ ] Cadar!
[ ] Thulun!
[ ] Rychart! She has a hat, it just fell off!
[ ] Rychart!
[ ] Javat!

Choice Moment #3

Keep him talking ... buy some time. For what?
[ ] The Captain is going to have to take him down.
[ ] An Officer hiding in the cargo bay is coming to rescue.
[ ] Bad gamble, the bounty hunter's crew is coming
[ ] Write in!


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