Friday, February 27, 2015

Cyber Knights v2.9.7 Released

The newest release of Cyber Knights adds another exciting Safehouse upgrade -- now you can pay to put luxury fitting into your Safehouse.  With a Luxury Pad, you'll get the best rest in the NBZ be able to go farther without getting Exhausted.

With now 5 Safehouse upgrades available, you're going to need more than one Safehouse to deck out your team for your jobs.  Bodyguarding also saw a big upgrade this release in balance and variety in the outcomes.

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v2.9.7 - 2/27/2015
 - New Safehouse Luxury Pad upgrade - be better rested than the best hotel
 - Improved balance and variety of Bodyguarding missions
 - Fixed bug with Pit Breeder's Kennels
 - Taxis refuse to transport your team during any Escort / Kidnap / Bodyguards job
 - Fixed touch lock-up issues in shops
 - Shops and Safehouses show option to complete all active jobs instead of only first
 - Fixed crash with Blue Ox melee weaponry

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Re-Spec comes to Heroes of Steel

Your heroes fight, conquer, fail, and rise to fight again.  You plan, scheme, and perfect your group tactics and try another build.  In Heroes of Steel, you invest in your group strategy, tune it, perfect it -- searching the right set of curses, Empowered Attacks, the ultimate mix of buffs and gear.

But sometimes things can go wrong -- a Talent point that you regret or needing more HP or SP than you thought.  Plans go awry, or you want to try something new altogether -- and for those times there is now Re-Spec.

Re-Spec allows you to restart a character -- setting your Attributes, Skills, and Talents back to the way they were in the first minutes of play in the Red Hill Dungeons.  Then, enjoy the glorious process of re-spending all of those points in a flurry of activity, and take your new build out into the dungeon to see if you built something that will last.

Re-Spec can be achieved one of two ways.  First, you can collect enough Moonstone Crystals - which legend says are slivers of the All-Father's soul.  With 20 Crystals, you can Re-Spec a single character at any Way Station or Inn.  More than 80 Moonstone Crystals have been scattered across the Underdeep with this release.

If you'd like a quicker route to a Re-Spec, there is a new Unlock Re-Spec IAP for $5 which provides a shortcut.  If you purchase the Unlock, every character in every group (new, old, and so on) is granted a single Re-Spec without any Crystal cost.  If you need to Re-Spec a second time, you'll have to find the Moonstones to foot the bill.

Also keep an eye out for Bloodstone Crystals, whose use will become clear in near updates.

Finally, be careful with your Re-Spec.  It's a lot of power, and we found in testing that it can be easy to make some mistakes.  Take your time, write down your plan, and spend your points deliberately.  Don't neglect critical stats like Constitution and Intelligence, and make sure you are spending well.  Once you've spent the points, there is no way to revert your decisions.

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v3.3.1 - 2/20/2015
 - Re-Spec a character at a Way Station or Inn for 20 Moonstone Crystals
 - 85 Moonstone Crystals scattered and hidden across 3 Episodes
 - 13 Bloodstone Crystals scattered across 3 Episodes
 - New Re-Spec Unlock - one free Re-Spec for all characters ($5)
 - Improved scrolling and flow of leveling screens; maxed out stats shown

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Great Clans Expansion Pack Release for Star Traders 4X Empires

Many were the Star Traders Clans and Syndicates who fled the Galactic Core.  Only few survived, and only few had the heritage and the strength to hold onto their position of Great Clan, House or Syndicate.

Three more of the Great Clans are now available for play in Star Traders 4X Empires -- introducing the famed shipwrights of Alta Mesa, the venerable and stout Zenrin, and the great merchants and traders of Clan Moklumne.

Lead these new clans on their own, or mingle them with the 6 classic Factions of Star Traders RPG as you rebuild your empire to greatness.

The Great Clans Expansion is available today for $2 on mobile markets, and already included in the price on Steam.

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v2.1.1 - 2/12/2015
 - New Faction Expansion Pack Adds 3 New Factions
 - More than 20 new Technologies
 - More than 15 new Colony Upgrades
 - Added 2 New Treaties and 3 New Ships
 - Expanded Core Faction Technologies
 - Auto-Build Buttons on more screen sizes

The expansion also includes major updates to the tech tree that provide new faction-specific techs to the classic 6.

Clan Moklumnue

Focus: Trade

The Moklumnue possess an ancient and treasured heritage as brilliant traders and stewards of planetary resources. Once anchored on their trinary star system, the Moklumne’s trade network spanned the Galactic Core in eras past, but was eventually undercut and dismantled by the Guild. They have not lost their wanderlust or their innate love of a good bargain, and the Moklumnue’s expertise in trade is such that any Colony they control will generate +2 TP at all times. Moklumnue Colonies are also immune to the TP and Population Penalties from Trade Bans.

Clan Alta Mesa

Focus: Ship Construction
The Alta Mesa Clan has a long history of expertise in orbital shipyards and capital ship construction. Alta Mesa’s architects and shipyard masters closely guard their many coveted secrets of design and construction, and as a result all ships built on Alta Mesa Colonies start production with a number of CP completed equal to the Colony’s CP output. The crowning achievement of Alta Mesa ship yards is the Star Forge, a vast self-contained factory for laying down the a ship’s keel and reactors that floats in orbit above a Colony planet. Alta Mesa Colonies with a Star Forge receive a much large CP bonus for new ship constructions.

Clan Zenrin

Focus: Unbreakable Morale
Clan Zenrin are survivors. Notable as the final Star Trader clan liberated from the Planetary Guild, the Zenrin suffered terribly during the Guild War. For the Zenrin, this history of oppression is a source of incredible strength. Zenrin Colonies are highly resistant to loss of Morale from over-population, invasion or Spice shortages. Furthermore, the Zenrin can gain the ability to host a festival of remembrance that can restore a Colony to 10 Morale

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cyber Knights v2.9.3 Released

The latest release of Cyber Knights Elite brings new installable features to your Safehouse.  Now you can splice a wire straight into the region's Global Matrix net, and hack from the (relative) safety of your own home.

With the growing importance of Safehouses to the higher-level Knight, we've added them to the NBZ map as well so you can quickly check their locations.

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v2.9.3 - 2/13/2015
 - Cyber Knights Elite on Sale for $1
 - Elite-only: Install Matrix Connect into your Safehouse
 - Hack the Matrix from your Safehouse rig with +5 Time counter
 - Safehouses now shown on full NBZ Map
 - Blue-Ox sells Nano-ready armor for your Hunds
 - Blue-Ox sell melee weapons out of the Gang Stronghold
 - Fixed issue with Safehouse phones and Matrix-Out Rumors
 - Fixed PDA crash for Safehouse jobs

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Star Traders v5.8.5 Update Released

Thank you for playing the Star Traders games!

v5.8.5 - 2/9/2015

  • Rebalanced 'Star Trader' Profession
  • Rebalanced 'Bounty Hunter' Profession
  • Rebalanced 'Captain' Profession
  • Rebalanced 'Zealot' Profession
  • Character Editor can now load start stat profiles
  • New Ship: Moklumnue Frigate
  • New Ship: Moklumnue Freighter
  • Additional Rumors about Factions

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Star Traders 4X Empires Named one of Best Strategy Games

We're proud to be in the company that HardcoreDroid has named as the Best Strategy Games on Android.  It's a star studded cast, and we are excited to be recognized as one of the deepest 4X games on Android -- it's a category that needs great entries like 4X Empires.

"What is groundbreaking is its existence–a well-made full-fledged interstellar 4X game, with depth to rival PC entries to the genre, made as a mobile game. LikeRising Empires, it demonstrates Android’s viability as a platform for original strategy games with depth to rival what’s normally only found on PCs–not to mention being a very good entry to the 4X genre that’s well-worth playing on its own merits."

Check the great post about Star Traders 4X Empires, and then pick up the game from your local app store!

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  For PC, Mac and Linux
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Art Leak

Ever wonder what is going on at the Trese Brothers Patreon site?  One of my favorite features there is the exclusive art stream -- you get raw access to the newest art that Andrew and Martin are creating, early screenshots of the newest projects (like Templar Assault 2) and all sorts of unique goodies!

I've just leaked a WIP art board that would normally be a part of the art stream.  Check it out -- working title, Selen in Action.