Sunday, August 23, 2015

Star Traders 4X Empires - UX Push

Version v2.4.1 is a big one.  It marks the beginning of a concerted push on improving the UX of Star Traders 4X Empires.  We've expanded and improved the game in many ways over the last year, but we are now just bumping into too many quality of life and UX issues as we continue to look forward.  So, we're going to take a break from pushing forward, and clean house.  So, v2.4.1 is the first bell ringing in the wind -- the time has come.

We've brought together an exciting bundle of the all of the quality of life features that have been requested for the Colony Detail screen and added them in a single big update. Now you have easy access to seeing what each colony is building, improved quick filters to access list of build options (around population, mining, factories) as well as an improved Quick Build list at the bottom of every colony screen.

What's next, you ask? Well, w
e're working on bringing together all of the quality life RFEs around the Colony List and pushing them into a big update.

We've also got our eye on a set of important upgrades for the desktop.  We'll be rolling in an advanced game options screen, options for music and SFX volume, and the ability to control resolution of the game in windowed mode.

v2.4.1 - 8/22/2015
- Improved colony detail screen
- Build queue now displayed on colony detail screen
- Use quick filters in colony screen to see filtered project lists (click Housing to see Habs, etc)
- Quick build queue shown on all colony detail screens
- Added scrolling on colony detail screen

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Star Traders 5.9.7

Few things make a game developer more happy than a well-said 5 star review.  Thanks to Chad on Google Play for sharing:

"I've got more value from the purchase if this game than any other app of any kind that I've purchased to date."

With the 5 year anniversary for Star Traders RPG now come and gone, I can believe it. With over 350 updates now recorded, I know that Chad is speaking the truth.

Our latest update, v5.9.7 keeps piling on that value! 

Thank you for playing the Star Traders games 

v5.9.7 - 8/20/2015
 - New Ship: Dark Prow Cruiser
 - New Ship: Radicans Carrier
 - Grammatical fixes for Sector Menu
 - New and Updated Reputation Titles
 - Improved formatting for Military Ranks

Three Heroes Releases

We've had a really busy month of August - it's moving season for the Trese Brothers.  Hopefully by early September we will be fully landed and loaded to hit autumn at full pace.

In the mean time, we missed the opportunity to post about the latest 3 updates for Heroes of Steel.  Make sure you get all this great new content, talent upgrades, and bug fixes!

v4.1.17 - 8/3/2015
- Episode 4: re-opened access to Gholla Outlook from Braeyshaulm
- Replaced Vincent's Elemental Sundering with a melee buffing attack, hits area of Effect
- Improved game store - check out detailed listings of optional heroes!
- Fixed bug with E4 region connections, game crashes
- Fixing and improving loot groups in E4
- Middle mouse button click is back on any screen

v4.1.15 - 7/20/2015
 - Fixed transition bugs in Braeyshaulm - re-enter Bone Pass to fix bug
 - Fixed bug with E4 region connections, game crashes
 - Improved balance of Red Hill
 - Fixed bugs with Battlefield Devotion level 2
 - Added mouse-overs to game HUD - more coming soon

v4.1.13 - 7/15/2015
 - Fyona's Reckoning is upgraded to be Area of Effect melee attack
 - Improved balance and availability of leveling in early Red Hill
 - Fixing bug at Brunehorn docks, fixing E4 travel bug south out of Braeyshaulm
 - Fixing red-locked chests in E4

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