Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Human Sniper

We're still in the middle of the Winter Sale, offering the best price you'll see on Templar Battleforce all year.  Save 50% now and pick up this tactical RPG for yourself or for a friend!

This week's update returns to empowering and balancing the enemy forces.  The meta changes come in on the coat tails of two months of updates to add Dual Axes, 2H Hammers, and Pyro Engineers.

We've added a deadly Sniper to the human enemies you will face. Packing a longer ranged rifle and a nasty Penetration %, the Sniper will challenge your ability to stand and hold against rogues, traitors, and any human forces.  You'll need to push forward to take out these rangey enemies.  They are rare among the forces, but when you hear the loud, single shot of a sniper rifle, you know what you're facing.

In prep for the sniper, we've made improvements to the SFX & animations improvements for the standard rifle-carrying human, as well as Neptunes and Soldiers.

Finally, we've rebalanced the human stats for all enemies above level 10.  You'll find that they are tougher, more accuracy, and will pack a more significant punch.  Humans simply were not scaling very well throughout the 20+ levels, but now you'll find them more challenging in later levels.

v2.6.5 - 12/28/2016
 - New Enemy Type: human sniper fires at long distance, high penetration
 - Rebalanced all human enemies at level 10+, now hitting harder, moderately tougher
 - Improved human enemy attack animations and SFX
 - Fixed issues with Full Auto and Shredding Fire SFX on large AoE levels

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Save 60% on Heroes of Steel + New Update!

This week's update continues to improve the game based on your feedback.  Keep sharing your ideas, balancing thoughts, and suggestions for features and we'll keep rolling them into the game.

The two other major projects we are are working on are the next Episode 4 story update and the Crafting System.

We've added a new marker that subtly highlights the active hero.  This definitely increases the speed and ease of play.

In Episode 2 and beyond, the spot and ranges of Krete monsters have been reduced a bit.  In the discussion of facing Krete, remember that more than half of their damage comes from elemental magics, and it is a good idea to plan to be able to deal with monsters like them.

Finally, we've continued the UI improvements across the game.  We've added some new formatting to the titles of screens to help display more context (so you can see who you are going to use an item on, etc) and are working our way across the game, improving as we go -- expect more in this department.

v4.2.73 -  12/28/2016
 - Marker added to highlight current character
 - Rebalanced Krete monsters across game - lower spot, lessened some ranges
 - Fixed issue with Sell All and gear
 - Improving UI elements across the game

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Cold-iron Armor Design

We're excited to announce the start of the Steam holiday sale!  Pick up Templar Battleforce on Steam, or on Google Play or the App Store for 50% down!

For this week's update, we've added a new armor design to the game -- the cold-iron blue and gray.  With eight armor design options, color code your fire teams to speed your command.

We've improved the status display for Templars, making sure to display 0% counter-attack for all melee Templars, who are unable to counter-attack due to their weapon configuration.

We've improved the consistency of Talent display on the map view -- hover any time, even without enough AP, to see the full Talent details.

We've fixed bugs reported by players -- thanks for those!  Issues with zooming and scrolling as well as Requisition Achievements.

Enjoy the holidays and the great deals on the sale!

v2.6.3 - 12/16/2016
 - New armor design: gray and cold-iron blue
 - Clarified Counter-attack for non-melee templars (0%)
 - Improved hover over Talents regardless of selected / lack of AP
 - Fixed issues with All RQ Achievements
 - Fixed issue with zooming/scrolling while modal windows open

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Battleforce v2.6.1: New Terrors for the Xeno

For some time now, new amazing abilities have been showered down upon your Templars -- Dual Axe wielding Berserkers, the war machine of a 2H Hammer Paladin, and the flaming wrath of the Pyro Engineer.

The v2.6.x family is giving us a chance to add new terrors to the arsenal of your enemies.  The first round goes out to the Terrox xeno, adding two new enemy types who will appear in later levels.

First, the Spiked Goltank is perhaps the worst variant of the Goliath to date. With nearly impenetrable plating and a deadly punch that packs a lot of Radiation Damage, you may want to try to slow the Goltank down before it gets too close.

Second, the Brood Lance is a horrendous new addition to the xeno biology. Capable of firing a folded up Scittering up to 5 squares, the Brood Lance acts as a mobile artillery and spawning tower at the same time. If your Templar suffers damage, the Scittering will land, unfold and leap into deadly action next to the target.

Be on guard Templars, the new xeno have arrived!  The rest of the 2.6.x family will add new types of monster variations to other enemy races (Narvs, humans) as well.  Then, we are coming back around to adding new Templar abilities, and will hit the Neptune up first!

v2.6.1 - 12/12/2016
 - Terrifying new xeno deployed!
 - New xeno type - Spined Goltank - mighty radiation damage Goliath
 - New xeno type - Brood Lancer - spitting xeno grenades that summon Scittering
 - Rebalanced some monster variations for better Deflection / Penetration
 - Fixed mismatched info in Requisition tree
 - Memory consumption improvements

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Friday, December 9, 2016

November Patreon Wallpaper

A huge thank you goes out to all of our monthly supporters on Patreon. We couldn't do it without you.  Enjoy the latest monthly wallpaper!

This one arrives a bit late due to the holidays and the total focus on Star Traders 2 at the moment. However, here is is!

With the Heroes story so close to wrapping up, I am doodling on the Legends of Steel story and characters now.  The Heroes story has been pretty well set for a long time now, but it is exciting to dream about the Legends storyline.  We've got a lot of the big Legends details pinned down, but the exact characters, telling, and story arcs are still to be nailed.

This wallpaper is a concept art of a trio who are central to the latest concept storyline I wrote down.

If you love Trese Brothers games, we hope you'll consider supporting us on Patreon!

Heroes of Steel v4.2.65

This week, we're back with a patch update -- fixing bugs and improving the AI planning and starting a new set of improvements on the UI.

First off -- on the Episode 4 story update -- it is coming pretty soon. We have finished the content development and are now more than half way through testing the new chunk of story.  It is unlikely that the story update will be out by Christmas, but it won't be long after!

We've improved the use of Talents for enemies in Episodes 2 through 4. We've fixed a bug that was causing some enemy curses not to take on the first turn.  This was especially effecting Stun-related curses

In the UI department, we've rebuilt the main menu.  It's skin deep at the moment, but we're going to be working through other areas of the game and streamlining, improving, and rebuilding as we go.

v4.2.65 - 11/26/2016
 - Re-balanced use of Talents by bosses in Episode 2 - 4
 - Rebuilt main menu
 - Fixed bug with some enemy curses not applying first turn, especially some Stuns
 - Fixed bug with selecting re-ordered heroes in status screen while glommed

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday + Heroes of Steel v4.2.63

Welcome to Black Friday sales, heroes!  Don't miss the best deals you will see all season and be sure to check out the [url=]Trese Brothers Bundle[/url]!!

This weeks' update responds to recent user requests for some new options.  We've added the ability to disable auto-center on heroes during your turn.  We've also improved the auto-glom option to automatically bring your group back together when you leave waystations, inns, and campsites.

We've fixed issues with the re-ordering feature as well as impoverished the movement flow within the city of Freeport.

v4.2.63 - 11/23/2016
 - Auto-glom now works out of inns, waystations and campsites
 - Added option to disable Auto-Center on heroes during your turn
 - Fixed bugs with re-order and re-order UI
 - Improved Freeport map

Black Friday + Templar Battleforce v2.5.7 Update!

Happy Black Friday to all!  Welcome to the best deals you'll see all year.  Don't miss deals on our entire catalog and the amazing deal on our Trese Brothers Steam Bundle!!

This weeks' update brings two new unique Relics to the Requisition Tree.  Gear up with the Strikepoint Kit to double your Plasma and Fire Damage whenever you get a Penetrating Hit.  Be sure to stack buffs and other gear to maximize your benefits of this unique Weapon Mod Relic.

Second, equip the Spearpoint Ocular to increase the duration of any Buffs you use by +1 Turn.  For both Soldiers and Berserks, get an extra bang for every one of your Buffs, which can be especially powerful for your Leader-in-the-Ranks Soldiers.

We've also fixed some bugs related to the recently released Pyro Engineer, Overwatch, and Gear Levels.

v2.5.7 - 11/21/2016
 - New Relic Wargear: Strikepoint Kit doubles Fire/Plasma damage on Penetrating Hit (Neptune Tree)
 - New Relic Wargear: Spearpoint Ocular extends Buff's used by +1 Duration (Soldier tree)
 - Two new Requisition levels for new Relics
 - Fixed sound effect for Pyro Turret's firing
 - Fixed Overwatch bug that was adding heat when repositioning template
 - Fixed issue with Engineers Gauntlet equips and Gear Level

Friday, November 11, 2016

Templar Battleforce: v2.5.3 Pyro Patches

Every great and fiery update needs a patch to follow!  The Pyro Engineer has rolled onto the scene with great success, but we've closed a few bugs in this follow-up patch.

We've fixed the Pyro's attack animation to be more flamey.  We've fixed the labeling of the Flame Tank armor to correctly read "Engineers and Hydras Only".  We fixed a bug with the Achievement for getting all of an Engineer's Requisition levels -- you'll need to get all of the Flame Tank levels now as well.

We've cleaned up an issue reporting 0 Secondary Objectives on The FLance Boarding March, an odd bug you could get renaming Templars, and some issues with the options screen being finicky.

All set -- patches away!  Burn baby burn!

v2.5.3 - 11/12/2016
 - Fixed bug mis-labeling Flame Tank Armor as Heavy
 - Fixed issue with Engineering All-Tech Achievement
 - Fixed Secondary Objective count in Ferarai Lance Boarding March
 - Improved animation for Pyro Engineer firing hand flamer
 - Fixed issues with designer and renaming Templars
 - Fixed issues with option menu

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Templar Battleforce: v2.5.1 Pyro Engineer Lights it up!

It starts with a popping and a crackling noise and then a huge gout of flame envelopes the battlefield.  Through the stench of sizzling xeno strides the Pyro Engineer, heaving a Pyro Turret into the fray.

This week's update rolls out 8 new Requisition levels in the Engineer branch of the Requisition, unlocking Flame Tank Armor, Hand-Flamer weapons, and 4 new Talents for your Engineers.

With four new Talents, you're Engineers have new capabilities to bring to the strike team.  Deploying a Pyro Turret requires Flame Tank Armor and trades the Overwatch of a Sentry Turret for raging napalm on the field of battle.

Manual Vent is the Flame Tank Engineer's replacement for Heat Sink, an Area of Effect heat reduction that trades mobility for offensive power.

Scorch Order helps a Templar Engineer synchronize better with Hydras and their own Pyro Turrets.  This Crippling Order doesn't require Flame Tank armor, but does make enemies more vulnerable to Fire Damage!

Finally, Turret Stance is the ultimate defensive stand -- completely preventing all movement but trading up for powerful offensive punch.  Useful for Templars and Turrets alike, in the right situation it can double down on devastating firepower.

With new weapons, armor types, and relics juicily hanging off the new branch of the Requisition tree, you'll want to get out there and scoop them up quickly.  To increase their allure, Flame Tank Armor can also be equipped by Hydras -- so if your squad already includes a flamey or two, don't miss this upgrade.  Flame Tank Armors are lighter and more offensive focused than Hydra's existing Heavy Armor, but giving the scenario and your build, you may find them to your liking -- nothing like a piece of armor to add +Fire Dmg!

If you enjoy the free upgrades and new content, please leave a review and tell some friends.  57 Updates in a year and no DLC!

v2.5.1 - 11/4/2016
 - Added new weapon / armor combo for Engineer: Pyro!
 - Added 8 new Requisition Levels for Engineers
 - Added 4 new Talents for Pyro Engineers: Pyro Turret, Scorch Order, Manual Vent, Turret Stance
 - Deploy flame-spewing turrets to the field of battle!
 - Added 3 new Hand-Flamer Weapons + 1 Relic, 3 Flame-Tank Armors + 1 Relic
 - Added Ordnance for Pyro Engineer resupply
 - Hydra Templars can wear Flame Tank Armor
 - New Talents limited by armor type worn - some talents require standard / flame-tank armor

The latest update sends the already sprawling Requisition Tree to a new level of packed.  More coming too, btw!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Wallpaper for Patreons

This month's digital wallpaper reward has gone out to our Patreon supporters.  A huge thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon who is helping to make our mission to keep creating games possible.

For as little as $1 a month, you can snag awesome digital rewards on our Patreon and help support games you love.

Like the wallpaper, sign up today!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.57: Re-order Your Party

This week's update for Heroes of Steel allows you to define the order your party travels in while glommed.  Whenever trouble is encountered, or you unglom your party manually, this order will be respected.

You can setup your new party order in the hero list screen, using the right and left buttons.  Whichever hero you put in the far left position (lead) will be automatically selected whenever you Glom (or Auto-Glom).

This will be a great help for players who want to move certain characters farther forward or backwards -- I know already my Fyona group appreciates the opportunity to put her in second position.  Also, for higher difficulties where a single death can be devastating, this is a great way to move Kjartan out of danger!

If you enjoy the continued updates and new content for Heroes of Steel, please leave a review!

v4.2.57 - 10/26/2013
 - Re-order party members under Character List
 - Unglomming remembers party order
 - Fixed hanging Quest Logs in Episode 4
 - Fixed dialog typos

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.27 Released!

With major updates come small bugs.  Dedicated to fixing them quickly, we've dropped a patch tonight to clean up a few things after update #55.

First, we introduced a bug with the Detonation Site that was causing your Engineer not to arrive on turn 6.  We've fixed this and you should be able to play forward -- your Engineer will arrive next turn.  If you are not on a higher end difficulty, you might want to restart the level.

Second, we've fixed a set of levels that were all under-reporting their secondary objectives.  Levels like Kaldun Factory South, Deck 14 Alta Sector, Siege of Tundeer - fixed up!

Thanks to all of our Templar Captains, especially those leaving reviews!

v2.4.27 - 10/23/2016
 - Fixed bug in Detonation Site with no Engineer arriving
 - Fixed incorrect Secondary Objective counts
 - Fixed map bugs

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This week we're rolling out some new improvements across the game's UI, tech tree and maps.  Thanks to the players who have send in feedback about the Degla map 100x100.  We've done some rebalance to the RP cost of different techs on the higher end of the technology trees.

Finally, we've made some nice improvements to the UI in the turn event list and tech tree.  Both are smoother and more compact.

v2.6.23 - 10/18/2016
 - Fixes for "Degla: 100x100 Map (150 Worlds)"
 - Tech Tree Updates and RP Cost Balancing
 - Improved Turn Recent Events List
 - Improved UI of Tech Tree, summary display

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Friday, October 21, 2016

This week's update features some major improvements to the levels of the Rubic 5 deployment, as well as some exciting quality of life improvements for any level.

First, we've beefed up the regimen of secondary objectives throughout the Rubic 5 deployment.  They aren't always easy to reach, but they are now available across the level set.

While we are on the subject of Secondary Objectives, we've improved the victory screen to list the total possible objective count, showing something like 3/3 Secondary Objectives (+15 XP) or 0/3 Secondary Objectives if your Templars were feeling lazy.

Next up, we've removed the Swap limitations that were in place on the two Rubic 5 levels -- Infiltration and Detonation Site.  For both levels, there is still a limitation in place that you cannot Swap in an Engineer, as both levels are built around achieving an objective to bring in an Engineer through a story event.  Still, you can now swap out the Scouts or Soldiers for other any other Templar you want to bring in.

We've made a nice improvement for Ordnance, where the purchasing screen from your Tact Point will list the number of Ordnance you already have in your inventory.  This can help your precision when buying and avoid accidental duping.

To mix things up, we've also added new spawning towers to maps across the Rubic campaign.  This will give you more control over the spawning map in the levels, having some influence and ability to shut down different spawning vectors.

If you enjoy all the updates, improvements, and continued stream of new content for the game, please leave a review!  55 updates in a year, no paid DLC ever!

v2.4.25 - 10/21/2016
 - Improved Rubic 5 deployment maps
 - Added 7 new Secondary Objectives throughout deployment
 - Added spawning towers to 5 maps across campaign
 - When buying Ordnance, count of currently owned Ordnance is shown
 - Total possible Secondary Objectives displayed in Victory screen (2/3)
 - Fixed Infiltration Site and Detonation Site preventing Swap at start

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Templar Battleforce: Patches and Balance with v2.4.23

This week's Battleforce release focuses on a set of balancing patches.  As we ramp up toward the release of the Flame-Engineer, we're tightening up some knobs and bolts to make sure everything is ready.  This war mech has to be shine up and ready to ride when the new pyro arrives.

We've increased difficulty in a few levels by preventing humans from using Reactor Jolt Ordnance.  Simply put, do not try this at home without a void reactor.

If you are firing the Roavin MK9 Relic on Overwatch, it will now cause Bio-Poison damage on following turns.  Even better than before!  Full-Vent 7 no longer costs 3 Heat, oddity resolved.  We've improved the starting spawn setups and turn goals for a few levels.  Careful out there. We squashed a bug that let you swap your Engineer even after Capturing a Tact Point.  Green recruits to your Templar squad were reporting 1 Kill, now they report "No Career Kills" correctly.

We fixed a few little issues to tighten up controller support as well.  We're continuing to make progress here and great to hear all the feedback from teh community.  We sunk a few hours into looking at XBox 360 controller support and hope to keep learning more there.

v2.4.23 - 10/11/2016
 - Humans can no longer use +MP Reactor Jolt Ordnance
 - Improved balance and starting spawns for multiple levels
 - Fixed bug with Swapping after Tact Point capture
 - Fixed issue with scrolling while status / ordnance / objectives open
 - Fixed issues with Roavin MK9 and Overwatch, fixed issue with Full-Vent 7
 - Fixed bug with score for Templars with 0 kills

Friday, October 7, 2016

This week, we've got our hands on some Steam controllers and are making strides to adding full Steam controller support.  The first step has been to add missing keybindings -- you can now bind to Prev Templar (Ctrl) and Prev Talent (Z) and Next Talent (X).  These new bindings let a controller setup work much smoother, paging backward and forward through ready Templars, as well as moving through a Templar's Talents without having to bring the mouse / controller anywhere near the Talent bar.  It's a great QoL improvement for anyone playing with a controller or even a mouse.  We're working toward official controller support, so stay tuned as we keep making improvements.

To help anyone who wants to try out a controller, we've published a controller config called "Trese Bros: October Best".  Once we get full support, we'll publish a recommended config.

We've also added an internal setting that remembers the sort setting on your Templar list.  We fixed the balance of Wrathful Defense 4-7.

We've made some balance changes to Stacking Buffs for the Paladin.  First up, Stacking Buffs were never intended to be affected by Ordnance that increased Buff duration -- that bug is now fixed. Second, we've increased the duration of the stackable Buffs -- up to 3 and 4 for the higher level ones.  We also fixed a bug where no buffs were applied if you killed [i]lots[/i] of enemies (4+).

v2.4.21 - 10/3/2016
 - Increased duration of higher level Embrace stacking buffs
 - Added new hotkeys for Prev Templar, Next / Prev Talent
 - Veteran sorting preference remembered
 - Adjusted benefits of Wrathful Defense 4-7
 - Fixed bug where Righteous Embrace was not Stacking Buffs on 4+ Kills
 - Fixed bug where Stacking Buffs were effected by Ordnance
 - Fixed bug with Tact Point defenses killing enemy bosses

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Patreon: A Year of Wallpapers

We are honored to have delivered our first full year of wallpapers for our Patreon supporters.  With one new wallpapers a month, you can see a glimpse of the machinations, work, and progress our team has achieved over the last twelve months through these wallpapers.  New games, new projects, immense projects, old projects -- all mixed together into one glorious set of digital rewards.

As we pass the year anniversary of starting the wallpaper reward, we'd like to extend our thanks to all of our 51 Patreons who have chosen to pledge a monthly amount--small or large--to help us stay in business and keeping making the games that we love to share with our entire community.

It has been a great year of wallpapers--for me, twelve months now with twelve different backgrounds--and we look forward to the next year!

If you would like access to a years worth of wallpapers, and all future rewards as well, join us on Patreon at $1 a month.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.51 Released!

In this update, we're following up on recent changes that allowed Strength to directly impact your damage. As a refresher, if you're wielding a Strength-based weapon, the minimum your Damage dice can roll is equal to your Strength score.  If you are wielding a 2-handed Strength-based weapon, the minimum your Damage dice can roll is 200% your Strength.

This week, we've linked Vraes' Natural Mastery talent into those new rules.  Natural Mastery now adds +Strength for Vraes' attacks, used only when calculating this minimum Damage dice roll.  Therefore, if you had +6 Strength from Natural Mastery, and 12 natural Strength, you'd be working with a minimum Damage roll of 18 or 36 for a 2H weapon. Topping out at max, with +12 from Natural Mastery and 16 natural Strength, Vraes packs on from 28 to 56 guaranteed minimum Damage with every attack. This bonus does not affect Accuracy, which Natural Mastery already has covered.

In addition, we'd like to thank some of our players for requesting that the game remember zoom setting between regions.  We've added that this update and I can say its really nice!

As the game has grown to be so large and long, we've had some quest logs lingering to long and other small issues related to that.  We've done another round of clean up this week based on emails and posts from you, the community!

We are hard at work on the next chunk of story for Heroes of Steel, which will be the next-to-last story update for Episode 4.  Hoping its ready soon!

v4.2.51 - 10/5/2016
 - Vraes' Natural Mastery now increases Strength for base Dmg Calculation
 - Natural Mastery bonus adds Strength-based Dmg, doubled for 2H weapons
 - Zoom setting now remembered when traveling between regions
 - Fixed issues with quest logs staying too long
 - Fixed story event bugs

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Wallpaper for Patreons

We are proud to roll out a new digital wallpaper as a reward for our Patreon supporters.  We rely on our Patreons pledges to help us keep making games and we love to reward them!  If you pledge $1 or more to our Patreon, you get access to a year's worth of monthly wallpapers, including this latest Star Traders 2 background.

Straight from the Star Traders 2 KickStarter T-Shirt design, this wallpaper captures an epic Star Traders moment -- the meeting of a captain and a ship on a lost desert world.

We hope you will consider joining our Patreon and help us keep making games!

Check out some of the wallpapers from previous months!  Don't miss these goodies!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This week's update sees some bug patches as well as some improved balance for Neptune and Grenades.

First, last week we fixed some issues with the Stratos Elevator Complex, but we also introduced a new bug that could get you stuck if you attempted to switch the elevator switches in a certain manner.  If you're stuck, you need to install this update, end one turn in Stratos, and then try again on the next turn and you'll be all set.

Second, we've added new Gear Level 1 gear for Neptunes (and Hydras, Paladins) that adds +20 Max Heat to give Neptunes a nice Heat bonus out of the gate.  On top of that, we've reduced the high end of the penalties around the Full-Vent Talent, keeping the -Move penalty to -2 and reducing the -Deflection penalty as well.

For a long time, the maximum number of targets hit by a Grenade was defined by your Grenades skill.  This wasn't intentional, and it is now fixed.  When a Grenade is thrown, any number of targets under the AoE template can be hit.  As always, every target gets an Accuracy roll.

v2.4.19 - 9/27/2016
 - Added new Thermal Enclosure gear for Neptunes: Gear Level 1 adds +20 Max Heat
 - Reduced penalties from higher level Neptune's Full-Vent Buff
 - Max targets by grenade attacks is no longer limited by Grenade Skill
 - Fixed animation issues with Dual Axes + Grenades
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed map and dialog bugs

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Friday, September 23, 2016

30% Off Templar Battleforce for Year Anniversary

This weeks' follow-up release to the major Shock Hammers update last week brings patches and a new Ordnance.

We've added a specific Ordnance, Shock Resupply, to handle resupply orders for the newest Paladin Talents.

We've also modified your Battleforce Record to include the full count of all RQ you've spent throughout your squad's history.  Check it out, how high can you go?

There was a bug with the new Command Relic armor that could cause a crash, now fixed.  We had a few bugs reported about the victory conditions on the Stratos Elevator complex, which are all fixed now.  Finally, there was a typo that caused the Adept-Proc war gear (which is Gear Level 1) to get the stats of the Gear Level 4 Irid Sheathe.  Now fixed!

We've also made sure that your Paladin doesn't Respec with any Talents that require shields, so that you can really focus down on the hammer if you want!

Thanks for your support as we hit our one year annivesary of Templar Battleforce!  If you've enjoyed the FULL YEAR of updates and no paid DLC, please leave a review!

v4.2.17 - 9/23/2016
 - Added new Ordnance: Shock Resupply to resupply new Paladin Talents
 - Battleforce Record now states total Requisition spent
 - Fixed bug with Relic Command Armor causing crashes
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed mix-up between Irid-Sheathe and Adept-Proc War Gears
 - Improved Respec routine for Paladin

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.13: Paladin's deploy Shock Hammers!

This week, Paladins are leading the charge with the release of the new Shock Hammer weaponry.  When picking up such a mighty two-handed hammer, a Paladin foregoes a shield altogether for battle prowess and staggering plasma damage.

Powered by 7 all new Requisition levels, Shock Hammers are accompanied by a parade of new Talents and capabilities for the class.  The new Talents, Staggering Blows gives Hammer-wielding Paladins an AoE attack while the Righteous Embrace Talent introduces a new set of rules: Stacking Buffs. An aggressive self-buff in its own right (adding +Dmg and +Accuracy), Righteous Embrace doubles-down on Buffs whenever your Templar makes a kill with it active.  If you kill a target with an attack with Righteous Embrace active, it will drop the Death's Embrace Buff (+1 MP, +20 Dmg, +16% AutoBlock, +16% Pen).  If you kill 2 targets in single attack, it will stack Death's Embrace and Militant Embrace (+6 Accuracy, +12 Dmg, +12% Crit, +12 Plasma Dmg), and finally killing 3 targets in a single attack will stack Death's, Militant, and Ultra Embrace (+24% Crit, +32 Plasma Dmg, +16% Pen).  Needless to say, stacking these buffs together will require an investment in Staggering Blows (AoE for 3 kills!) but can turn your Paladin into an unstoppable machine of war.

Speaking of War Machine -- that's the 3rd new Talent!  Granting powerful self-only healing, increasing maximum Heat, and increasing both Auto-Block and Deflection %, the War Machine buff is one more weapon in your arsenal to help a Paladin stand tall in the thick of a battle.

You'll find Shock Hammers have high Gear Levels, as they replace both your Blade and Shield, but they are mighty, and both Staggering Blows and Righteous Embrace require a Hammer to use.

Another balancing change with Paladins reduces the bonus to healing granted to AoE healing Talents -- specifically, Battlefield Enhancers.  Where the bonus used to be (Talent Level x Medic) the bonus is now reduced to Medic, making the Talent far more balanced and fair within the game's system.

The 7 new requisition levels come with 2 new Relics, and 1 new war gear.  We've also fixed some bugs related to filtering on Dead Templars.

Please leave a review to encourage new features, content, and weapon combinations for your favorite Templars!

With 50 major updates under our belt, we hope you can help us spread the word and there will be only more to come!

v2.4.15 - 9/17/2016
 - Added new weapon combo for Paladin -- 2-handed Shock Hammer
 - Added 7 new Requisition levels for Paladin
 - Added 3 new Talents for Paladin: Staggering Blows, Righteous Embrace, War Machine
 - New Stacking Buff rules with Righteous Embrace - kill more for additional powerful Buffs!
 - Added 3 new Shock Hammer Weapons, 1 Relic Command Armor, 1 Relic Shock Hammer
 - Rebalanced Battlefield Enchancers Healing bonus to just +Medic
 - Improved Neptune Overwatch effect and reduced Heat of firing in OW to 5
 - Fixed crashes with Filter by Dead Templars

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Monday, September 5, 2016

August Wallpaper for Patreon

A huge thanks to our Patreons who help support us in our on-going mission to create games.  We couldn't do it without you.  We're publishing the August wallpaper a few months, and anyone pledging at the the $1 level can download it from our Patreon site!

World's Edge is the pen-and-paper RPG that started it all for us. It was the first major game that Cory and I created together. It is the bedrock system that spawned Stars Edge RPG and Cyber Knights RPG and the worlds and stories that compromise up our catalog of video games.

I am a dreamer by nature, so I dream of the day we can return to the project with more time and our experience gained from years of making and publishing games and make World's Edge available to our fans and gamers.

In the mean time, here is the August wallpaper -- some of the art that was commissioned for World's Edge over the years of development!

Thanks again to our Patreons :D  Join us today -

Friday, September 2, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.11: Captain Attacks and Overwatch

As we prep to move onto the next release of new weaponry and Talents, we've doubled-back to make some improvements to the Captain's single-target attack Talents and fix some issues within Overwatch.

We've up-balanced the Captains' Slash by adding Penetration % after level 5, and increased the damage bonuses to Precision Fire at every level of the Talent.  These two now better line up against other options for attacks, especially as their Heat cost is still low.

Within Overwatch, we've made a few important fixes.  The Overwatch Talent no longer applies a Buff.  There were some issues with that Buff timing out or not being applied in certain circumstances, and an exploit related to that Buff and Ordnances that increased duration.  However, while it no longer displays as a Buff, the bonuses are applied to every Overwatch attack.  We've updated the Talent's text display to make this more clear.

v4.2.11 - 9/2/2016
 - Improve Captain's attack Talents: Slash (+Pen %) and Precision Fire (+Dmg)
 - Fixed bugs applying full benefit of Overwatch attack bonuses from higher levels
 - Display of Overwatch attack bonuses no longer displayed as Buff
 - Fixed bug with Ordnance extending Overwatch buffs

Coming soon ...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.49: Item Shop UI + Patches

This week's update improves the item shop UI as well as doubling-down on the +Crit Dmg % effects on gear throughout the game.

With such success for the item list as a grid, we've converted the item shop to a grid format as well to match.  We've modified the display as well to display a counter if you already have some of any type of item.  Therefore, if you have 20 Health Potions of that type, you can see that on the display and will see 21, 22 and on up as you stock up on more.  This can help shopping go a little faster, and also makes it easier to spot changes in item tiers -- the new and more powerful potions stick out in a shop simply because you don't have any and its obvious now.

We've also fixed a number of story bugs that have been floating for a while -- issues with Kea being your in Episode 4 as well as a bug with the Keep at the end of Episode 1.  Depending on your places within the game's story when this patch is released, you may be able to choose Kea as your guide in Episode 4, but it is still possible that you may not be able to, due to the bug circumstances.  If you have any questions, just let me know!

v4.2.49 - 8/31/2016
 - Item shop updated to grid view; now displays how many you own of each type
 - +Crit Dmg % added to more gear in game - stack for best benefits
 - Fixed bug with Kea Braeys being a guide in Episode 4
 - Fixed bug with Conquered Keep at end of Episode 1
 - Fixed all reported crashes

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.7: New Game+ Patch and Much More

This week, we've got an important patch plus a whole log more fun.

If you were starting a New Game+ since the last update, you might have ended up in a situation on the Righteous Fallen where no one will talk to you.  If that is the case, go talk to Major Luthor after this update, and he will help you get back on track.

We've added a new Library entry extolling the benefits of -MP armor and buffs in regards to Heat reduction and how they can double-down on burning off Heat.

A new sorting option has gone in to sort your Templars by their type (Captain, Scouts, Soldiers ...) in the HQ.

We've cleaned up a few UX issues to improve the game.  At the start of a turn, if you have auto-centering option enabled, the game will center on the current Templar.

If you're using Overwatch (... I'd recommend it ;]  ) you can now drop it directly on a Templar or an enemy.  To switch out of a Templar with Overwatch active, use the Next Templar button, Templar list, or double click on a Templar under the OW template.  We'll keep working to improve in this area, let us know how the new scheme works for you!

High level Swords (GL 7+) have gotten some rebalancing, so be sure to check your weaponry.

We've also fixed animation bugs that made Luthor and Nyra look like they were throwing punches instead of swinging their weapons.

v2.4.7 - 8/24/2016
 - Fixed issues with New Game+ games: Talk to Luthor
 - New Library entry on -MP Armor and Buffs
 - New "sort by type" in HQ Veterans list
 - Improved high Gear Level Swords
 - Fixed centering on active Templar at start of turn
 - Fixed attack animation bugs for Luthor and Nyra
 - Fixed formatting issues in HQ New Recruit Screen

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.5: New Relic + Balance Updates

This week we've wrapped up our planned work on the Berserk with a final new Relic -- the Roavin Detonator.  Named after a siege of a famous Templar fortress world, the Roavin Detonator causes every Assault Grenade thrown by your Berserk to automatically score a Penetrating Hit, cutting the enemy armor by 50%+.

We've made a number of updates to the status displays -- getting your Templar's final Armor and Deflection easily visible, as well as fixing some issues in the on-map status screen related to the new Dual Wielding rules.

To help players pick, we've clarified the description of Hell Difficulty -- the major difference is that you do not have the option to Abort and retry a level.

In the balancing department, we have made a number of adjustments (both up and down) to the Supply Point cost of Ordnance.  We've rebalanced the Max Use count for Battlefield Enhancers to be better in line with the rest of the Talents in the game, as well as fixing an error in the Parry bonus for Glance Field.

Thank you for your support, your reviews, and for helping us to share the game!  If you like updates for free with no paid DLC ever, leave a review!

v2.4.5 - 8/16/2016
 - New Relic: Roavin Detonator - auto-penetrating Assault Grenades for Berserker
 - Status screens now show final Armor and Deflection stats
 - On map Templar status shows Dual Wielding stats correctly
 - Clarified description of Hell Difficulty
 - Updated SP cost on many Ordnance, rebalanced Battlefield Enhancers
 - Fixed issues with Hive Mind and fire and dialog
 - Fixed balance of Glance Field gear

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.47: Enemy Cursing Attacks!

With all the updates recently that have been buffing and improving the Talents of your heroes, this update swings the balance back the other way!

Powerful enemies and bosses across the game have powered up with Cursing Attacks.  Matching the rules of heroes' Cursing Attacks (if hit, if cause damage, then curse, chance to resist based on Willpower) these new powers help the enemy AI put extra pressure on your team in new and dynamic ways.

To further stiffen the resistance, a limited number of very powerful creatures have gained a Stunning effect that can, for a short period, reduce your heroes' AP count by either 1 or 2 points.  This Stun is a curse like any other curse, so it can be dispelled easily, but you can't regain the lost AP for the first turn.  Watch out for the Season Rider, Bone Golems, Wolfken Shaman, and Gloss Spiders -- extra nasty inbound!

To help spice up the early game, Ratkin Shamans and Veterans have also gained some new abilities (but no Stun).  Especially the Shamans around the Episode 1 Act 1 boss have gained some fun new powers that can help raise the challenge on that combat.

We've also added new effects to Episode 4 gear coming out of loot drops -- some nice bonuses to Crit Dmg % that can help knock home the really big hits.

v4.2.47 - 8/9/2016
 - +Crit Dmg % added to Episode 4 loot drops
 - 13 types of powerful bosses now make Cursing Attacks
 - New enemy curse effect: Stun reduces hero AP
 - Fixed bugs with Wolfken Shaman, Gloss Spider, Season Rider curses - now Stunning Curses
 - Bone Golem adds Cursing Attack with Stunning effect
 - Ratkin Veterans and Ratkin Shamans get new attack and buff talents
 - Fixed bugs in Crag Peak with Silver Werewolf
 - Fixed bugs with curse effect display

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.1: Dual Wielding Axes

Berserkers are stepping to the fore in this weeks update as they gain the option to pick up a secondary axe and go full aggro.  The completely new fighting style differentiates itself from the axe-and-shield style with two new unique Talents, Wrathful Defense and Hacking Blows.  The axe-and-shield style has claimed Indomitable Defense and Warding Shield as

Both Indomitable Defense and Wrathful Defense now give Berserks a completely unique ability -- they can make unlimited counter-attacks while these Buffs are active. Let the hordes of xeno pour forth, the Berserk will cut them down (but ... be sure to get a lot of Auto-Block before the pouring begins!)

Seven new Requisition levels have been added to facilitate this new style, including 3 new Talents, 3 hand axes, a new assault armor, and two relics -- both a hand axe and assault armor.

One of the new Talents -- Kill Strike -- is available for either fighting style, and allows a Berserk to discharge plasma down his or her blades, doing a single mighty blow.  Kill Strike, like the Hydra's Napalm Talents, is max use limited and can only be done a few times per scenario, so use it on the big targets.

When dual wielding two weapons, the better Accuracy and Parry value is picked from either weapon and used.  Their Damage values are simply summed.  Their Penetration values are summed, but the lower Penetration weapon has its value cut in half during the sum.  There is a new library entry detailing these rules, and the status screens are all updated to show the weapon combination rules.

Part of this upgrade was to rebalance shields to be sure that they are competitive against the dual wielding option, so some of their stats have been bumped a little.

But seriously, that's not all!  We've also included a re-skin for the Scout armor design, adding a newly design set of pauldrons.

In the balancing department, we've reduced the cost of the Captain's Crippling Orders to 1 AP instead of 2, allowing you to have wider effect across a larger battlefield.  The Captain's Grenades also gained a small bump in Max Use count across their progression.

Please leave a review to encourage new features, content, and weapon combinations for your favorite Templars!

v2.4.1 - 8/8/2016
 - Added new weapon combo for Berserk -- Dual Wielding Axess
 - Added 7 new Requisition Levels for Berserk
 - Added 3 new Talents for Berserk: Kill Strike, Wrathful Defense, Hacking Blows
 - Added 3 new Hand Axe Weapons, 1 new Armor, 2 new Relics
 - New Library entry on Dual Wielding
 - Rebalanced Shields, increased Parry and Auto-Block
 - Rebalanced Max Use counts on Captain's grenades
 - Reduced Captain's Discerning Eye and Fire Commander to 1 AP
 - Fixed bugs applying bonus Deflection in combat
 - Updated Scout armor design

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