Tuesday, February 23, 2016

4X Empires: 2.6.1 brings Major Performance Boost

For this update, we've focused on a major performance boost across the game. You should feel it in every screen of the game -- from the time it takes to load all the way to the game map, to the speed of running a turn, to opening and browsing colonies, ships, techs.

When you're invading enemy colonies, we've again improved the invasion result messages.  Now, damage dealt against your ships during invasion is shown in the event logs.

We've also fixed some issues with the option screen, and shifted it into the normal menu.  A couple of reported bugs about Talent menu layout have also been wrapped up.

Please leave a review if you enjoy this game and the continued updates!

v2.6.1 - 2/23/2016
 - Major Performance Improvements
 - Improved Invasion Results Messages
 - Improved Options Screen
 - Fixed Talent Menu Layout Bugs
 - Fixed Sound Effects for some ship engines
 - FASTER!  :D

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