Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March Patreon Wallpaper: Star Traders 2

We've just released the latest Patreon wallpaper for our supporters.  The March wallpaper shows of the growing fleet of beautiful Star Traders 2 ships in dramatic fashion.  I know what will be on my desktop for the next 30 days, and I hope you'll join us!

Pledge as little as $1 a month to our Patreon to support our efforts in creating and updating games, and score awesome digital rewards.  For $1 a month, get access to the catalog of monthly digital wallpapers!

We thank you for your support!

Heroes of Steel v4.2.21 Released!

This week includes a very exciting release in both balancing and in streamlining game play.

We've improve the feature of all Buffs that add max HP (Stone Skin, Righteous Fervor) so that they maintain your HP percentage during the casting.  Therefore, if you were at 100% health, you'll end the Buff with 100% health.  You'l no longer need to quaff a potion or cast a healing spell.  A big thanks to the community members who championed this change, it is a great addition and makes certain heroes far less clicky to play.

Second, with the massive damage ranges of 2H weapons in the later Episodes, it was simply too good looking to avoid changing the Strength bonus on 2H weapons from 150% to 200%.  Now featuring +32 base Dmg, at a smith or treasure chest near your location.  Enjoy!

Finally, we've updated the in-game display to accurately show -Armor and -Resistance.  Your heroes have been able to curse these stats negative forever, but the game was failing to show the values, stopping both of them at 0.  The game now displays both, and displays them negative.  Keep in mind that -Armor or -Resistance means [i]more[/i] Damage on your physical or magical attacks.

In bug news, we fixed an issue with Pinning Shot and Torrent of Steel that allowed your cursing attack to take enemies to 0 AP, which would cause them to stand around for the turn and take no action.  No curses can reduce an enemy to 0 AP, you can only get as low as 1 AP.

Please leave a review to encourage more updates, content and features!

v4.2.21 - 3/24/2016
 - +HP Buffs (Stone Skin, Righteous Fervor) maintain your HP percentage (reducing need to heal)
 - For 2-H Strength-based weapons, minimum Damage roll is 200% Strength (up from 150%)
 - Fixed monster detail display to show -Armor and -Resistance due to over-Cursing
 - Negative Armor or negative Resistance increases Attack Dmg
 - Fixed Torrent of Steel, Pinning Shot, Crippling Strikes bug taking enemies to 0 AP

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Subjective Vengeance - New Short Fiction from the Star Traders Universe

In collaboration with Brett Caron (@brettcaron), we are proud to announce the release of the second book set in the Star Traders universe -- Subjective Vengeance.  This time, join a sleek Smuggler and a deadly Bounty Hunter as they ply the gritty, unforgiving galaxy of Star Traders.

Download his work from any of the major online markets:

It’s hard to make friends with bounty hunters. In a galaxy this harsh, this unforgiving, you never know who might pay them enough to conveniently forget that fact. Bell, a man who believes that the credits of any great House or Syndicate are as good as the other, has finally found people he trusts - Captain Daf Koryama and the crew of the Broken Record. He thought he’d left the back streets and vicious gangs of Steelcrank far behind him.

But when a ghost from his past appears, now a rival hunter with a valid warrant and hungering for revenge, it kickstarts a breakneck chase through intrastellar space and a terrifying journey into the void. Now Bell must decide what matters more - his friends, his life, or the credits?

If you missed Brett's first work, No Legacy Between the Stars, catch up here:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.17 Released!

With the v4.2.17 release, we are catching up on a lot of different bugs that have been reported across the game. We're switching back from the big art push around Vraes and cleaning up the bug rosters. Then, the next big string of releases will be focused on new Episode 4 content!

We've made some adjustments to the size of Vraes' head in dialog - he now fits better into the whole collection of heads.

Tamilin's Torrent of Steel has long had an advantage that was allowing it to be used at 4 range, regardless of the weapon range. Many groups will have been relying on this, but we've fixed the bug and enforced the rules. There are 4 Range throwing knives, so you can get back to that range again if you are dedicated to it.

We've also wrapped up a set of shop issues -- fixing gold updating in magical gear shops (rare) and adding types of Incantations to more shops late in the game.

New groups will also find that the previously boring mundane gear gained by the heroes on their escape has been granted minor magical properties. They are minor, but they make the start of the game more interesting!

Finally, we've fixed a long standing bug with the Lost Caravan quest out of Oskahold where you could get the rewards without completing finishing the quest

Thanks to all of our supporters - please leave a review to encourage more updates, content and features!.
v4.2.17 - 3/16/2016

- Improved dialog art sizing for Vraes
- Starting gear gains minor magical bonuses
- Fixed bug with Tamilin's throwing daggers allowing 4 Range when weapon was 3
- Fixed bug in gear shops where gold count was not updating
- Improved availability of some Incantations in shops
- Fixed bugs with Lost Caravan Side Quest
- Fixed map and spawning issues

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Star Traders 4X Empires v2.6.3 Released!

The latest 4X Empires update releases new techs, new options, and new improvements to the AI and UI. All in one!

Check out the new Ultra Heavy Reactors techs. Faction scientists are now able to break the 10,000 Mass limit on immense ships of the line. The biggest and most powerful ships that have ever sailed the Quadrant can now be yours!

We've added a new option to the game by popular request - the ability to add a confirm prompt on End Turn. Between turns, a new progress bar will help you watch the enemy turn progress.

Not to mention bug fixes, help file improvements!

v2.6.3 - 3/15/2016
- Added Progress Bar for AI Turn
- Fixed bug, colony build queue now updates after re-ordered
- New Option: Confirm End Turn
- New Techs: Ultra Heavy Reactors
- New: Heavy Reactors 18 to 20 (Max Mass 10,000!)
- AI and help file improvements
- Fixed Reported Issues & Typos

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Read more: http://startradersrpg.proboards.com/thread/13393/star-traders-4x-empires-released#ixzz435jomyJ0

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heroes of Steel - Vraes Art Overhaul!

This update is dedicated to the Outlander Vraes and his major art update.  With the support of our awesome Patreon crew (http://www.patreon.com/tresebrothers), we've been able to complete this update to Vraes' character and dialog art.

Vraes was one of the first characters ever drawn for the game, so its an update long time coming, as the skills of our art team have continued to improve.

We've also fixed a few issues with how enemy Resistance, and negative Resistances were being printed out.

Thanks to all of our supporters and those who are leaving a review on the game help us continue to spread the word!

v4.2.15 - 3/10/2016
 - Major Character Upgrade: Vraes the Outlander
 - Vraes: all new art for character and dialogs
 - Improved display of Resistance and Weak versus numbers in monster details

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.0.5 and 30% off on Steam

The v2.0.5 release of Templar Battleforce brings a host of updates to the Tact Point defenses and the rules surrounding them.  First, we've upgraded their visual display so that the critical defense upgrades are visible in their two forms.

The Tact Point upgrades also do more damage, including an additional boost for Flame Defense.

While the new skins aren't yet animating their return fire against the xeno, that is the next step!

And to top it all off, Templar Battleforce is 30% off on Steam for the week!

Please leave a review to encourage updates, new features, and new content!

v2.0.5 - 3/9/2016
 - Improved Tactical Point Viewer UI
 - New Tactical Point Skins: Defense & Flame Defense
 - Increased Damage done by Defense Upgrades
 - 150% Increase in Damage done by Flame Defense
 - Improved Xeno anti-TP AI Logic

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Star Traders Web Comic pg 6

Page six of the web comic is live on Patreon!

While there is a big Choice Moment in process, I decided to power on with the pages. At least page 6 and 7 can be completed without finalizing the polling on the crew, as things heat up in the cargo bay.

I hope you enjoy the new page and will consider joining us on Patreon to support this project and all of our game development efforts! We couldn't do it without our Patreons.

The current Choice Moment is to help define the two crew members to appeared on page 5. We are working together to form up the name, appearance, job, traits, personality quirks, backstory for these characters.

As this is a pretty open question, the top character ideas are listed below in order of number of votes so far. We need one male and one female, so far it will be Raven LeClaire and Apone "Zippo" Mitchel. If you're a Patreon with the $2 voting rights, we hope you will weigh in on which character ideas you like the best AND toss in your own ideas!

In the end, I will synthesize two new crew members from the top input, so it is important to chime in if you see someone else post something you like too.

The conversation is split up between the forum post and the Patreon page, so please post to either location.

Let's keep making something awesome together! :D

Female - Raven Leclaire (x3 VOTES)

- Medical Officer with an obsessive love of studying the quadrants Flora and Fauna, Always badgering the captain to land on this god for saken rock or that for her hobby. Despite this she is one of the most highly skilled medical proffessionals in the quadrent.
- Highly respected by the rest of the crew as she has saved their lives more than once, whether an ice collection accident or battle injuries.
- Petite yet fit and strong (from those meandering biology expeditions) with short hair and a calm reassuring face.
- Never falters or hesitates to help her wounded comrades or the innocent even at the risk of her own skin and fiercely loyal to her captain.
- Never shuts up about this plant or this bug or that microbe!!! Don't give her too much Vudka though, annoying drunk :)

Ki Tadora (x1 VOTES)
- tradesman / diplomat
- well connected, especially in legitimate jobs / deals / cargo
- a bit naive, been kept out of the Captain's occasional smuggling, so far she's been willing to look away and ignore
- Loyalty to Captain Avenira is a big trait
- This is her first life-threatening experience

Sennabelle Song (x1 VOTES)
-First officer (as in, the manager of the ship)
-A logistics wizard, can plan anything with exacting detail (positive trait)
-Tends to be a bit bigoted, looks down on clans/syndicates other than her own, but particularly dislike Javat as she thinks they're blue color slobs (negative trait)
-Moonlights as the face of the ship, working out deals and generally gathering intel, she's silver-tongued (positive trait)
-Has a "soft heart," tends to be sucked in by con artists with sob stories. Naive (negative traits)

Apone "Zippo" Mitchell (x4 VOTES)

- Ace pilot
- Fearless when flying and in the face of death
- Has lots of experience, came up through a hard childhood on an independent world before Capt Avenira spotted his talent
- Phobic of strangers and crowds (stuttering, uncoordinated around them), is only really comfortable on his ship with his crew
- Takes almost sadistic pleasure in scaring the sh*t out of his crew with absurd yet brilliant maneuvers and will likely be the death of his captain, not with a crash but through stress

Nikolai "Nik" Kaida (x1 VOTES)
-Ship's Mechanic
-Tends to be abrasive due to being a bit of a neat freak/organizer (negative)
-Very proud of himself, takes personal offense at advice/criticism/questions (negative)
-Macgyver-esque in his ability to cobble together tools/repair things. (positive)
-Lots of connections in starports, he's an older and well traveled dude!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Wallpaper for Patreons - Vraes!

March is coming in like a lion, and with it comes Vraes!  The hulking Outlander from Heroes of Steel was nominated by our Patreon family to be the next hero to get an art overhaul, and now we're featuring the completion of that work in a digital wallpaper reward. With a hearty thank you to our Patreons pledging at least $1 a month, we've fired off this new digital reward.

Over the winter season, our Patreon family has grown to 50 supporters.  We're excited to have held a very successful holiday pledge drive, and to be seeing new members and supporters joining our cause every week. Our Patreons all go above and beyond to help us keep making games, and we couldn't keep doing this without them.  We hope you'll consider joining in -- for the fun, the rewards, or just to help us keep going! Check out Trese Brothers Patreon.

You'll also get access to all previous wallpapers --