Star Traders 4X Empires v2.6.3 Released!

The latest 4X Empires update releases new techs, new options, and new improvements to the AI and UI. All in one!

Check out the new Ultra Heavy Reactors techs. Faction scientists are now able to break the 10,000 Mass limit on immense ships of the line. The biggest and most powerful ships that have ever sailed the Quadrant can now be yours!

We've added a new option to the game by popular request - the ability to add a confirm prompt on End Turn. Between turns, a new progress bar will help you watch the enemy turn progress.

Not to mention bug fixes, help file improvements!

v2.6.3 - 3/15/2016
- Added Progress Bar for AI Turn
- Fixed bug, colony build queue now updates after re-ordered
- New Option: Confirm End Turn
- New Techs: Ultra Heavy Reactors
- New: Heavy Reactors 18 to 20 (Max Mass 10,000!)
- AI and help file improvements
- Fixed Reported Issues & Typos

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