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Heroes of Steel v4.2.25 - Immolation + Keybindings

This week's update has brought both a major UI upgrade and a major Talent upgrade for the fire wizard, Kjartan.

Extra special, Heroes of Steel is 50% off on Steam this week!

We've included the ability to customze keybindings this week.  We also took it as a good chance to change the default keys to something that works a bit better throughout the length of the game as you master more and more Talents.  To change the keybindings, go into your Options screen and pick Keybinds. From there, click on a function you'd like to change and then strike the new key.

Kjartan's Immolation Talent has received a boost in Fire Damage, as well as the ability to curse enemies with Crit Vulnerability.  This curse increases the changes that other players will get a critical hit against enemies that have been flamed by the Immolation attack.  Very late level Immolation attacks also start to reduce Armor, which fits closely with Kjartan's ash wizard Talents, and the mighty Choking Ash curse.

Thanks to all of the players who have been helping us squash story bugs.  With  a game this large, with so many hour of story content, there are bound to be problems.  We've fixed three of the ones that have cropped up this week, and will keep squashing as we keep adding new story to the game.

v4.2.25 - 4/12/2016
 - Custom keybinding support for desktop
 - Upgraded Kjartan's Immolation (+Fire Dmg, +Cursing enemies with Crit Vulnerability)
 - Fixed crashes at the second Weaver confrontation
 - Fixed issues with story characters sticking around in Otherworldly Haven
 - Fixed hanging quest logs in Episode 4

A big thanks to our latest game, Templar Battleforce for making the keybinding support possible!


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