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Heroes of Steel v4.2.29 re-balances Sacrifice

In the last few weeks, we re-balanced Immolation, reducing the set of Talents that still need work to a very short list.  Today, we've knocked Kyera's Sacrifice Talent off of that list as well.

The changes focus on a few key points:
- All levels of Sacrifice now only require 1 AP.  This allows Sacrifice to be used at any level as a powerful utility Talent (Heal + Heal + Sacrifice, or EA + EA + Sacrifice x 3).
-  Re-balanced the curve on how much SP can be transferred per-cast and per-turn to make the higher levels of Sacrifice attractive.  For many groups, you still won't need Sacrifice above level 3 or 4 to fit your needs, but taking the Talent higher will allow much larger, faster, and more SP efficient transfers.

We've also fixed some bugs, most notably another type of crash that has snuck into the Weaver boss fight!

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v4.2.29 - 4/18/2016
 - Re-balanced Sacrifice: powerful SP channeling tool at 1 AP
 - Fixed confusing Lock Rating message on chests - only requires Level 1 Unlock Talent
 - Fixed crashes fighting Weaver in E4
 - Fixed map bugs and typos

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