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Interviewing Bryan Sirois on The Reclamation

Ahead of The Reclamation's release, we (digitally) sat down with Bryan to welcome him to the team, and to help him introduce himself to the Trese Brothers community. Enjoy the interview!

Andrew: Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself, Bryan?

Bryan: Sure! I’m twenty-nine, and the proud father and step father to our three year old son Nathan, and my wife’s fifteen year old twins, Alex and Connor. I moved to Rhode Island with my wife Marcia, and we’ve been happily married since last October. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to have been a stay-at-home dad for the past few years now, and it’s been amazing experience to watch my little boy grow up.

Andrew: How did you discover Trese Brothers games?

Bryan: I was looking for a game similar to Uncharted Waters, honestly the first game I ever really enjoyed, and stumbled across Age of Pirates. I must have spent three solid months playing this game and it is still one of the best games I’ve ever owned. I think I had a bug to report, and once I found your forum and how involved you and Cory are with your gaming community, I was hooked and bought the rest of your games.

Andrew: What was it about Heroes of Steel that made you want to write in this world?

Bryan: I think it was the fact that there seemed to be so much that wasn’t told in the main storyline. I started thinking about how the Shattering would have affected humanity, and what the Underdeep would do to people who spent their entire lives without seeing the sun, under constant threat from every direction. I wanted to tell their stories, and bring them to life. The game was an all-out addiction for a long two years, and it gave me a great appreciation for the world you and Cory created-- I just felt the urge to write the stories you hadn’t yet.

Andrew: What other genres and worlds have inspired you to want to write?

Bryan: Age of Pirates was the first world I had written about with In Defense of Ruesland, which was the first time I had put pen to paper creatively since high school, and my first ever attempt at a piece of fan fiction. I wrote a few other short stories based in Lanbrakaar (Age of Pirate’s world), then started writing about Heroes of Steel with The Silence of Snow. I have dabbled in other genres, mostly sci-fi, and have a few other side projects mulling about in worlds of my own.

Andrew: Who are some of the writers who inspired you the most?

Bryan: Brian Jaques, who wrote the Redwall series is hands down one of my favorites. Jaques was able to create such a vibrant world, with more depth and intrigue than I could ever hope to emulate. I’ve also been reading an unhealthy amount of H. P. Lovecraft lately, the man had such a chilling way with words, and has been the cause for several nightmares over the past few months. Besides these two, I’ll always have a soft spot for J. R. R. Tolkien, and what he was able to accomplish with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. To have a story have so many interwoven plot lines, subplots, history, languages, and on and on is just mind boggling. The man is truly a legend, and skill like that is something to strive for.

Andrew: Without any spoilers, what is next for The Reclamation?

Bryan: The Reclamation is really a great test of my own abilities to create a long and exciting plot. Landon and his new friends are about to confront the political side of the Underdeep; to reclaim the surface for humanity needs to begin somewhere, and having seen the horrors of life under the sun, Landon wants it to start with them. The only problem is that the leaders of the cities below are shrewd and unwilling to risk taking back what once belonged to their ancestors. Expect to see the characters’ personalities come to life, now that they are free from the Orcin and have some time to talk with one another. I also can’t wait give the shamaness Olda some more attention-- she is going to be a great antagonist and you’ll get to see a very dark side of her during her rise to power.

The Reclamation
Episode 1: Dark of Day

Download The Reclamation from any of the major online markets, and be sure to leave a review!

The first Episode in an on-going series of stories, Dark of Day begins a new adventure. The Reclamation is written about the world of Steel, the post-apocalyptic medieval world of the hit game, Heroes of Steel. Play Heroes of Steel on your desktopAndroid, or Apple device today to experience the world first-hand.


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