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Cyber Knights is Coming

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The Reclamation: Episode Fiction in the World of Steel

We are proud to announce the release of the first episode of Bryan Sirois' newest serial fiction within the world of Heroes of Steel. Set against the backdrop of the Heroes of Steel game, Landon's story reveals the trials of the people of Steel from a new angle as he gathers new friends and uncovers new evils.  Don't miss this read today! 

The Reclamation
Episode 1: Dark of Day

Download The Reclamation from any of the major online markets, and be sure to leave a review!

Generations of mankind have suffered, entombed deep within the world of Steel. Few living in the Underdeep have ever seen the sun, and the only knowledge of the life humanity enjoyed on the surface has been passed down by the elders. Landon, son of a renowned cartographer, has spent years searching for a way out of the gloom. Following a newly charted exploration, he finds a way upward, which takes him farther than he has ever climbed before.

At last free from the depths below, he breathes fresh air for the first time, but his euphoria is short-lived, as Landon quickly comes face to face with mankind’s most brutal enemies. Can he survive in this undiscovered world, where darkness and evil thrive under the light of the forgotten sun?

The first Episode in an on-going series of stories, Dark of Day begins a new adventure. The Reclamation is written about the world of Steel, the post-apocalyptic medieval world of the hit game, Heroes of Steel. Play Heroes of Steel on your desktop, Android, or Apple device today to experience the world first-hand.


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