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Heroes of Steel v4.2.39: +Crit Dmg, Items Grid, Perf Booster

First - it is Steam Summer sale!  Pick up a copy of any of our games on discount, or complete the set with our Trese Brothers bundle.

Second, this week we have added a new type of effect into the game's balance -- the +Crit Damage % effect.  This increases the multiplier for Critical Damage, in the event that you roll one.  If you were causing 200 Dmg, rolled a Crit, and had +50% Crit Dmg, you'd score an extra 100 Dmg for it, plus whatever normal Damage you were going to get on your Crit multipler roll.  Check out the Talents -- Aimed Shot, Berserk Rage, Hammer Blow and Smiting Blow for this new ability.  It will be coming to gear in a near term update.

Speaking of Damage from Criticals, we've also improved the balance of higher AP attacks to do more critical damage.  A standard weapon (1 AP or 2 AP) will still result in the same potential Crit Damage range, from 200% to 300% Dmg.  If you are using a 3 AP attack or spell, you get a +50% bonus to that Dmg, and a 4 or higher AP attack gets a +100% bonus to that attack.  Major crush!

Also, thanks to some big work Templar Battleforce, we've been down in the dungeons of the game engine's core and we have squeezed out a significant performance boost across the board -- improving the speed of enemy turns, movement, story cut-scenes, basically everything.

Finally, we've switched the Item list over into a grid form to help reduce scrolling. Enjoy!

v4.2.39 - 6/23/2016
- Major performance boost to game map across the board
 - New type of game effect: Increased Critical Dmg %
 - Increased Crit Dmg for high AP weapons/spells; 3 AP is +50%, 4+ AP is +100%
 - Berserk Rage, Hammer Blow, Smiting Blow, Aimed Shot gain +Crit Dmg
 - Items list converted to grid, fixed bug with Fast Movement option
 - Improved balance in the Weaver fights

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