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Templar Battleforce v2.3.1: HQ & Status Rebuild

As promised, we've doubled-down on the UI improvements to the HQ and status screens.  This is definitely the biggest wave of improvements that we have planned, but they make a huge difference in your ability to see, level, train and equip your squad quickly and with precision!

We've basically rebuilt the status screen stack!
- You can now level your Talents with a few clicks - no more flipping around.  Respec'ing Talents FTW!
- You can now jump to the RQ tree from any screen viewing a veteran, quickly buy the RQ levels you need and back to the mix.
- You can now next / previous between Templars from any status screen, including EQ and design. Want to re-design your whole squad, just flip next-next-next on the Design screen.
- We've split the library screen into a dual screen, allowing you to page through the content way faster.  Enjoy the reading!

Please leave a review to encourage additional updates, features, and UX improvements!

v2.3.1 - 6/15/2016
 - Improved Status screen, paging between Templars, Talent leveling
 - Improved Library viewer
 - Added return to RQ shortcut in status screen
 - Improved tutorial elements around Overwatch
 - Fixed crashes in Kaldun Factory South

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