Friday, July 1, 2016

Star Traders 4X Empires: .Deep Crust Mining and New Hover Support

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This weekend's update drops in a new tech, Deep Crust Mining 2, and a new colony upgrade, Mine 8.
We've also made a big round of improvements to hovers on the main map, fixing a few bugs, as well as adding hover data for anomalies, and adding more fields to the colony hover.

Thanks to everyone suggesting improvements and pointing out issues -- we've fixed a number of reported issues and crashes this week!

v2.6.15 - 7/1/2016
 - New Research Tech: 'Deep Crust Mining 2'
 - Fixed Mine 8, Increased RP Bonus
 - Added Morale to Colony mouse over
 - Fixed mouse hover text formatting
 - Addded mouse hover for Explored and Unexplored Anomalies
 - Improved Templar Advisor screen
 - Fixed bugs in the Uncolonized Worlds screen
 - Fixed issue with invaded worlds not being visible in fog

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