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Templar Battleforce v2.3.15: Repair Sentry Turrets

This weeks update brings new utility and power to the Engineer on your squad.  The Repair Talent, once exclusively able to repair Tact Points, can now be used to fix damaged Sentry Turrets.  Now, your defensive lines can hold even stronger with a well equipped Engineer behind them to help mend battle damage.  The repaired amount is based on your Engineering Skill x Talent level, so it isn't too powerful if both are low -- rank up your Engineers and you can completely mend a Sentry Turret in a single go.  To keep things balanced, that means that Repair now has a max use count as well.

In addition, the your Engineer's skill score in Engineering now has a more direct impact on the damage your Engineering strikers do against enemy Tact Points.  The higher the Engineering skill, the more likely you will roll in the higher registers of possible Damage on your attacks.  Reaching 16 Engineer guarantees that your damage against Tact Points will always be boosted.

We've added cross-fading between the animations for Templars, Turrets, Lev Rigs, and Tact Points to smooth out animation quality.  We've also fixed the Talent description of Uncappd Fury which was incorrectly mentioning Medic Skill, clarified that Max Squad Cap is set by the individual scenario you are playing (6, 9, or 12) and fixed a few visual issues with Talent icons.

Vae Victus, Templars!  Leave a review if you like the updates, new content, features, and all the rest!

v2.3.15 - 7/28/2016
 - Engineer Repair Talent now can repair Sentry Turrets or Tact Points
 - Higher Engineering improves curve of Damage against Tact Points
 - Improved animation quality for Templars
 - Fixed print out of Uncapped Fury
 - Improved Library entry about Squad Cap
 - Fixed glitches with Talent Icons

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