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Templar Battleforce v2.3.7: Talent Detail + Modding Armor Designs

Templar Battleforce is 30% off for the Steam Summer Sale - Vae Victus, Templar!

This weekend, we've released a big patch to improve the level of detail you can see in the talent detail box.  You can now get the full read out of all damage, penetration %, critical % and accuracy combine.  This roll-up includes the weapon, all war gear, and all active buffs, as well as the Talent -- its 100% of the numbers going into the combat rules.

We've added our second mod feature and another example mod to download and try -- this one is the blue armor mod (seen below), and an invitation for modders to create and share their own armor designs for the Templar Leviathan mechs.

A longstanding issue around Swap has been fixed -- previously, if you had swapped a Soldier to an Engineer, you'd be locked into an Engineer for that slot.  Now, you can swap back out again to a Soldier or another class.

We've also improved the read out on Talents that involve the Medic skill, making it clear just how impactful Medic can be on your HP recovery.

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v2.3.7 - 6/30/2016
 - Improved Talent Detail box to give full summary of attack damage and accuracy
 - Swap now allows swapping in and out of Hydra or Engineer if not required
 - New modding feature on Steam -- add new armor designs
 - Improved hover for average Damage to include avg Dmg on penetrating hit
 - Improved display of all Talents relying on Medic to increase HP healing

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