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Heroes of Steel: New Sell-All, Auto-Glom Update, Patch!

This week is a small update, but adding two much needed improvements based on user feedback and fixing a bug that has a couple of players trapped at a certain point in the story.

Directly from a user request (thanks @craig.rittenhouse) we've added a Sell All button in gear shops, so you can quickly unload any one type of item for gold.

We've also heard the feedback about Auto-Glom after combat, and have changed the way the mechanism works.  Auto-Glom now remembers the last character who was leading [i]before[/i] combat started, and when combat is over switches back to that character and Gloms again.  So, if Selen is leading ... leading ... combat!  ... slaughter the enemy ... End Turn with Kincaid selected ... Selen is leading again and your team gloms up.  No clicks required!

If you followed Tevensa to the Otherworldy Haven, but left before your business there was done, then you can return to the Springtide Altar and she will now talk to you again.  Good luck!

v4.2.41 - 7/7/2016
 - 50% off Dueler, Sorcerer, Rogue and Paladin! Just $1 each on Google Play
 - Sell All button added to stores to quickly unload equip
 - Lead character is remembered between combats for Auto-Glom
 - Fixed issues with Otherworldly Haven and Tevensa - return to altar to continue

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