Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.7: New Game+ Patch and Much More

This week, we've got an important patch plus a whole log more fun.

If you were starting a New Game+ since the last update, you might have ended up in a situation on the Righteous Fallen where no one will talk to you.  If that is the case, go talk to Major Luthor after this update, and he will help you get back on track.

We've added a new Library entry extolling the benefits of -MP armor and buffs in regards to Heat reduction and how they can double-down on burning off Heat.

A new sorting option has gone in to sort your Templars by their type (Captain, Scouts, Soldiers ...) in the HQ.

We've cleaned up a few UX issues to improve the game.  At the start of a turn, if you have auto-centering option enabled, the game will center on the current Templar.

If you're using Overwatch (... I'd recommend it ;]  ) you can now drop it directly on a Templar or an enemy.  To switch out of a Templar with Overwatch active, use the Next Templar button, Templar list, or double click on a Templar under the OW template.  We'll keep working to improve in this area, let us know how the new scheme works for you!

High level Swords (GL 7+) have gotten some rebalancing, so be sure to check your weaponry.

We've also fixed animation bugs that made Luthor and Nyra look like they were throwing punches instead of swinging their weapons.

v2.4.7 - 8/24/2016
 - Fixed issues with New Game+ games: Talk to Luthor
 - New Library entry on -MP Armor and Buffs
 - New "sort by type" in HQ Veterans list
 - Improved high Gear Level Swords
 - Fixed centering on active Templar at start of turn
 - Fixed attack animation bugs for Luthor and Nyra
 - Fixed formatting issues in HQ New Recruit Screen

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.5: New Relic + Balance Updates

This week we've wrapped up our planned work on the Berserk with a final new Relic -- the Roavin Detonator.  Named after a siege of a famous Templar fortress world, the Roavin Detonator causes every Assault Grenade thrown by your Berserk to automatically score a Penetrating Hit, cutting the enemy armor by 50%+.

We've made a number of updates to the status displays -- getting your Templar's final Armor and Deflection easily visible, as well as fixing some issues in the on-map status screen related to the new Dual Wielding rules.

To help players pick, we've clarified the description of Hell Difficulty -- the major difference is that you do not have the option to Abort and retry a level.

In the balancing department, we have made a number of adjustments (both up and down) to the Supply Point cost of Ordnance.  We've rebalanced the Max Use count for Battlefield Enhancers to be better in line with the rest of the Talents in the game, as well as fixing an error in the Parry bonus for Glance Field.

Thank you for your support, your reviews, and for helping us to share the game!  If you like updates for free with no paid DLC ever, leave a review!

v2.4.5 - 8/16/2016
 - New Relic: Roavin Detonator - auto-penetrating Assault Grenades for Berserker
 - Status screens now show final Armor and Deflection stats
 - On map Templar status shows Dual Wielding stats correctly
 - Clarified description of Hell Difficulty
 - Updated SP cost on many Ordnance, rebalanced Battlefield Enhancers
 - Fixed issues with Hive Mind and fire and dialog
 - Fixed balance of Glance Field gear

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.47: Enemy Cursing Attacks!

With all the updates recently that have been buffing and improving the Talents of your heroes, this update swings the balance back the other way!

Powerful enemies and bosses across the game have powered up with Cursing Attacks.  Matching the rules of heroes' Cursing Attacks (if hit, if cause damage, then curse, chance to resist based on Willpower) these new powers help the enemy AI put extra pressure on your team in new and dynamic ways.

To further stiffen the resistance, a limited number of very powerful creatures have gained a Stunning effect that can, for a short period, reduce your heroes' AP count by either 1 or 2 points.  This Stun is a curse like any other curse, so it can be dispelled easily, but you can't regain the lost AP for the first turn.  Watch out for the Season Rider, Bone Golems, Wolfken Shaman, and Gloss Spiders -- extra nasty inbound!

To help spice up the early game, Ratkin Shamans and Veterans have also gained some new abilities (but no Stun).  Especially the Shamans around the Episode 1 Act 1 boss have gained some fun new powers that can help raise the challenge on that combat.

We've also added new effects to Episode 4 gear coming out of loot drops -- some nice bonuses to Crit Dmg % that can help knock home the really big hits.

v4.2.47 - 8/9/2016
 - +Crit Dmg % added to Episode 4 loot drops
 - 13 types of powerful bosses now make Cursing Attacks
 - New enemy curse effect: Stun reduces hero AP
 - Fixed bugs with Wolfken Shaman, Gloss Spider, Season Rider curses - now Stunning Curses
 - Bone Golem adds Cursing Attack with Stunning effect
 - Ratkin Veterans and Ratkin Shamans get new attack and buff talents
 - Fixed bugs in Crag Peak with Silver Werewolf
 - Fixed bugs with curse effect display

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.1: Dual Wielding Axes

Berserkers are stepping to the fore in this weeks update as they gain the option to pick up a secondary axe and go full aggro.  The completely new fighting style differentiates itself from the axe-and-shield style with two new unique Talents, Wrathful Defense and Hacking Blows.  The axe-and-shield style has claimed Indomitable Defense and Warding Shield as

Both Indomitable Defense and Wrathful Defense now give Berserks a completely unique ability -- they can make unlimited counter-attacks while these Buffs are active. Let the hordes of xeno pour forth, the Berserk will cut them down (but ... be sure to get a lot of Auto-Block before the pouring begins!)

Seven new Requisition levels have been added to facilitate this new style, including 3 new Talents, 3 hand axes, a new assault armor, and two relics -- both a hand axe and assault armor.

One of the new Talents -- Kill Strike -- is available for either fighting style, and allows a Berserk to discharge plasma down his or her blades, doing a single mighty blow.  Kill Strike, like the Hydra's Napalm Talents, is max use limited and can only be done a few times per scenario, so use it on the big targets.

When dual wielding two weapons, the better Accuracy and Parry value is picked from either weapon and used.  Their Damage values are simply summed.  Their Penetration values are summed, but the lower Penetration weapon has its value cut in half during the sum.  There is a new library entry detailing these rules, and the status screens are all updated to show the weapon combination rules.

Part of this upgrade was to rebalance shields to be sure that they are competitive against the dual wielding option, so some of their stats have been bumped a little.

But seriously, that's not all!  We've also included a re-skin for the Scout armor design, adding a newly design set of pauldrons.

In the balancing department, we've reduced the cost of the Captain's Crippling Orders to 1 AP instead of 2, allowing you to have wider effect across a larger battlefield.  The Captain's Grenades also gained a small bump in Max Use count across their progression.

Please leave a review to encourage new features, content, and weapon combinations for your favorite Templars!

v2.4.1 - 8/8/2016
 - Added new weapon combo for Berserk -- Dual Wielding Axess
 - Added 7 new Requisition Levels for Berserk
 - Added 3 new Talents for Berserk: Kill Strike, Wrathful Defense, Hacking Blows
 - Added 3 new Hand Axe Weapons, 1 new Armor, 2 new Relics
 - New Library entry on Dual Wielding
 - Rebalanced Shields, increased Parry and Auto-Block
 - Rebalanced Max Use counts on Captain's grenades
 - Reduced Captain's Discerning Eye and Fire Commander to 1 AP
 - Fixed bugs applying bonus Deflection in combat
 - Updated Scout armor design

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Friday, August 5, 2016

July Wallpaper: Glimpsing Legends of Steel

The Patreon wallpaper for July is a first look at concept art for a Legends of Steel character.  While Legends is still a long way off, the work I've been doing on the end of Heroes of Steel has kept my eye on the start of the next chapter of the story, and this month my practice sketching swerved over into the Legends lane!

Since it was the first real legends art that I finished, I wanted to share it as something special.

Join our Patron and pledge at least $1 a month to earn a monthly wallpaper as a reward!  When you pledge, you can snag all of the wallpapers for the previous year!

Star Traders 4X Empires: New Map and New Tech!

This week's update for Star Traders 4X Empires introduce a new map of massive proportions, packed full of worlds.  To go along with the new big maps, we've made some enhancements to the AI's strategy on larger maps, helping them expanding more inline with their race profile.

We've added a new tech and upgrade, allowing you to now install the immense Orbital Platform 6 to house your Faction citizens.

We've done some work to rebalance the oversized reactors, the 8000+ mass ones, helping tweak the balance of super-sized ships.

v2.6.19 - 8/4/2016
 - New Map: Degla 80x80 Map (90 Worlds)
 - New Tech: Orbital Habitation 4
 - New Upgrade: Orbital Platform 6
 - Rebalanced 8000 Mass Reactors
 - Xeno Strategic AI Updates for Large Maps (50+)

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