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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders 4X Empires: New Map and New Tech!

This week's update for Star Traders 4X Empires introduce a new map of massive proportions, packed full of worlds.  To go along with the new big maps, we've made some enhancements to the AI's strategy on larger maps, helping them expanding more inline with their race profile.

We've added a new tech and upgrade, allowing you to now install the immense Orbital Platform 6 to house your Faction citizens.

We've done some work to rebalance the oversized reactors, the 8000+ mass ones, helping tweak the balance of super-sized ships.

v2.6.19 - 8/4/2016
 - New Map: Degla 80x80 Map (90 Worlds)
 - New Tech: Orbital Habitation 4
 - New Upgrade: Orbital Platform 6
 - Rebalanced 8000 Mass Reactors
 - Xeno Strategic AI Updates for Large Maps (50+)

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