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Templar Battleforce v2.4.1: Dual Wielding Axes

Berserkers are stepping to the fore in this weeks update as they gain the option to pick up a secondary axe and go full aggro.  The completely new fighting style differentiates itself from the axe-and-shield style with two new unique Talents, Wrathful Defense and Hacking Blows.  The axe-and-shield style has claimed Indomitable Defense and Warding Shield as

Both Indomitable Defense and Wrathful Defense now give Berserks a completely unique ability -- they can make unlimited counter-attacks while these Buffs are active. Let the hordes of xeno pour forth, the Berserk will cut them down (but ... be sure to get a lot of Auto-Block before the pouring begins!)

Seven new Requisition levels have been added to facilitate this new style, including 3 new Talents, 3 hand axes, a new assault armor, and two relics -- both a hand axe and assault armor.

One of the new Talents -- Kill Strike -- is available for either fighting style, and allows a Berserk to discharge plasma down his or her blades, doing a single mighty blow.  Kill Strike, like the Hydra's Napalm Talents, is max use limited and can only be done a few times per scenario, so use it on the big targets.

When dual wielding two weapons, the better Accuracy and Parry value is picked from either weapon and used.  Their Damage values are simply summed.  Their Penetration values are summed, but the lower Penetration weapon has its value cut in half during the sum.  There is a new library entry detailing these rules, and the status screens are all updated to show the weapon combination rules.

Part of this upgrade was to rebalance shields to be sure that they are competitive against the dual wielding option, so some of their stats have been bumped a little.

But seriously, that's not all!  We've also included a re-skin for the Scout armor design, adding a newly design set of pauldrons.

In the balancing department, we've reduced the cost of the Captain's Crippling Orders to 1 AP instead of 2, allowing you to have wider effect across a larger battlefield.  The Captain's Grenades also gained a small bump in Max Use count across their progression.

Please leave a review to encourage new features, content, and weapon combinations for your favorite Templars!

v2.4.1 - 8/8/2016
 - Added new weapon combo for Berserk -- Dual Wielding Axess
 - Added 7 new Requisition Levels for Berserk
 - Added 3 new Talents for Berserk: Kill Strike, Wrathful Defense, Hacking Blows
 - Added 3 new Hand Axe Weapons, 1 new Armor, 2 new Relics
 - New Library entry on Dual Wielding
 - Rebalanced Shields, increased Parry and Auto-Block
 - Rebalanced Max Use counts on Captain's grenades
 - Reduced Captain's Discerning Eye and Fire Commander to 1 AP
 - Fixed bugs applying bonus Deflection in combat
 - Updated Scout armor design

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  1. This is all great but with no iCloud sync I'm holding off playing until I can continue from iPhone or iPad. Months ago you mentioned a Dropbox sync which would be a good interim solution so what happened to that?

    1. We're still hard at work on cloud storage solutions. Depending on your device and operating system, you can synchronize or backup your game files a number of different ways. We hope to be able to provide an official one.

      Our team is very small and Templar Battleforce has a limited budget. We're doing the very best we can with the time, partners and resources that we have at our disposal.

      Thanks for playing!


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