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Templar Battleforce v2.4.5: New Relic + Balance Updates

This week we've wrapped up our planned work on the Berserk with a final new Relic -- the Roavin Detonator.  Named after a siege of a famous Templar fortress world, the Roavin Detonator causes every Assault Grenade thrown by your Berserk to automatically score a Penetrating Hit, cutting the enemy armor by 50%+.

We've made a number of updates to the status displays -- getting your Templar's final Armor and Deflection easily visible, as well as fixing some issues in the on-map status screen related to the new Dual Wielding rules.

To help players pick, we've clarified the description of Hell Difficulty -- the major difference is that you do not have the option to Abort and retry a level.

In the balancing department, we have made a number of adjustments (both up and down) to the Supply Point cost of Ordnance.  We've rebalanced the Max Use count for Battlefield Enhancers to be better in line with the rest of the Talents in the game, as well as fixing an error in the Parry bonus for Glance Field.

Thank you for your support, your reviews, and for helping us to share the game!  If you like updates for free with no paid DLC ever, leave a review!

v2.4.5 - 8/16/2016
 - New Relic: Roavin Detonator - auto-penetrating Assault Grenades for Berserker
 - Status screens now show final Armor and Deflection stats
 - On map Templar status shows Dual Wielding stats correctly
 - Clarified description of Hell Difficulty
 - Updated SP cost on many Ordnance, rebalanced Battlefield Enhancers
 - Fixed issues with Hive Mind and fire and dialog
 - Fixed balance of Glance Field gear

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