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Cyber Knights is Coming

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This week's update sees some bug patches as well as some improved balance for Neptune and Grenades.

First, last week we fixed some issues with the Stratos Elevator Complex, but we also introduced a new bug that could get you stuck if you attempted to switch the elevator switches in a certain manner.  If you're stuck, you need to install this update, end one turn in Stratos, and then try again on the next turn and you'll be all set.

Second, we've added new Gear Level 1 gear for Neptunes (and Hydras, Paladins) that adds +20 Max Heat to give Neptunes a nice Heat bonus out of the gate.  On top of that, we've reduced the high end of the penalties around the Full-Vent Talent, keeping the -Move penalty to -2 and reducing the -Deflection penalty as well.

For a long time, the maximum number of targets hit by a Grenade was defined by your Grenades skill.  This wasn't intentional, and it is now fixed.  When a Grenade is thrown, any number of targets under the AoE template can be hit.  As always, every target gets an Accuracy roll.

v2.4.19 - 9/27/2016
 - Added new Thermal Enclosure gear for Neptunes: Gear Level 1 adds +20 Max Heat
 - Reduced penalties from higher level Neptune's Full-Vent Buff
 - Max targets by grenade attacks is no longer limited by Grenade Skill
 - Fixed animation issues with Dual Axes + Grenades
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed map and dialog bugs

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