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Heroes of Steel v4.2.57: Re-order Your Party

This week's update for Heroes of Steel allows you to define the order your party travels in while glommed.  Whenever trouble is encountered, or you unglom your party manually, this order will be respected.

You can setup your new party order in the hero list screen, using the right and left buttons.  Whichever hero you put in the far left position (lead) will be automatically selected whenever you Glom (or Auto-Glom).

This will be a great help for players who want to move certain characters farther forward or backwards -- I know already my Fyona group appreciates the opportunity to put her in second position.  Also, for higher difficulties where a single death can be devastating, this is a great way to move Kjartan out of danger!

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v4.2.57 - 10/26/2013
 - Re-order party members under Character List
 - Unglomming remembers party order
 - Fixed hanging Quest Logs in Episode 4
 - Fixed dialog typos

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