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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Battleforce: Patches and Balance with v2.4.23

This week's Battleforce release focuses on a set of balancing patches.  As we ramp up toward the release of the Flame-Engineer, we're tightening up some knobs and bolts to make sure everything is ready.  This war mech has to be shine up and ready to ride when the new pyro arrives.

We've increased difficulty in a few levels by preventing humans from using Reactor Jolt Ordnance.  Simply put, do not try this at home without a void reactor.

If you are firing the Roavin MK9 Relic on Overwatch, it will now cause Bio-Poison damage on following turns.  Even better than before!  Full-Vent 7 no longer costs 3 Heat, oddity resolved.  We've improved the starting spawn setups and turn goals for a few levels.  Careful out there. We squashed a bug that let you swap your Engineer even after Capturing a Tact Point.  Green recruits to your Templar squad were reporting 1 Kill, now they report "No Career Kills" correctly.

We fixed a few little issues to tighten up controller support as well.  We're continuing to make progress here and great to hear all the feedback from teh community.  We sunk a few hours into looking at XBox 360 controller support and hope to keep learning more there.

v2.4.23 - 10/11/2016
 - Humans can no longer use +MP Reactor Jolt Ordnance
 - Improved balance and starting spawns for multiple levels
 - Fixed bug with Swapping after Tact Point capture
 - Fixed issue with scrolling while status / ordnance / objectives open
 - Fixed issues with Roavin MK9 and Overwatch, fixed issue with Full-Vent 7
 - Fixed bug with score for Templars with 0 kills


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