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Templar Battleforce v2.4.27 Released!

With major updates come small bugs.  Dedicated to fixing them quickly, we've dropped a patch tonight to clean up a few things after update #55.

First, we introduced a bug with the Detonation Site that was causing your Engineer not to arrive on turn 6.  We've fixed this and you should be able to play forward -- your Engineer will arrive next turn.  If you are not on a higher end difficulty, you might want to restart the level.

Second, we've fixed a set of levels that were all under-reporting their secondary objectives.  Levels like Kaldun Factory South, Deck 14 Alta Sector, Siege of Tundeer - fixed up!

Thanks to all of our Templar Captains, especially those leaving reviews!

v2.4.27 - 10/23/2016
 - Fixed bug in Detonation Site with no Engineer arriving
 - Fixed incorrect Secondary Objective counts
 - Fixed map bugs

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