Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Human Sniper

We're still in the middle of the Winter Sale, offering the best price you'll see on Templar Battleforce all year.  Save 50% now and pick up this tactical RPG for yourself or for a friend!

This week's update returns to empowering and balancing the enemy forces.  The meta changes come in on the coat tails of two months of updates to add Dual Axes, 2H Hammers, and Pyro Engineers.

We've added a deadly Sniper to the human enemies you will face. Packing a longer ranged rifle and a nasty Penetration %, the Sniper will challenge your ability to stand and hold against rogues, traitors, and any human forces.  You'll need to push forward to take out these rangey enemies.  They are rare among the forces, but when you hear the loud, single shot of a sniper rifle, you know what you're facing.

In prep for the sniper, we've made improvements to the SFX & animations improvements for the standard rifle-carrying human, as well as Neptunes and Soldiers.

Finally, we've rebalanced the human stats for all enemies above level 10.  You'll find that they are tougher, more accuracy, and will pack a more significant punch.  Humans simply were not scaling very well throughout the 20+ levels, but now you'll find them more challenging in later levels.

v2.6.5 - 12/28/2016
 - New Enemy Type: human sniper fires at long distance, high penetration
 - Rebalanced all human enemies at level 10+, now hitting harder, moderately tougher
 - Improved human enemy attack animations and SFX
 - Fixed issues with Full Auto and Shredding Fire SFX on large AoE levels

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Save 60% on Heroes of Steel + New Update!

This week's update continues to improve the game based on your feedback.  Keep sharing your ideas, balancing thoughts, and suggestions for features and we'll keep rolling them into the game.

The two other major projects we are are working on are the next Episode 4 story update and the Crafting System.

We've added a new marker that subtly highlights the active hero.  This definitely increases the speed and ease of play.

In Episode 2 and beyond, the spot and ranges of Krete monsters have been reduced a bit.  In the discussion of facing Krete, remember that more than half of their damage comes from elemental magics, and it is a good idea to plan to be able to deal with monsters like them.

Finally, we've continued the UI improvements across the game.  We've added some new formatting to the titles of screens to help display more context (so you can see who you are going to use an item on, etc) and are working our way across the game, improving as we go -- expect more in this department.

v4.2.73 -  12/28/2016
 - Marker added to highlight current character
 - Rebalanced Krete monsters across game - lower spot, lessened some ranges
 - Fixed issue with Sell All and gear
 - Improving UI elements across the game

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Cold-iron Armor Design

We're excited to announce the start of the Steam holiday sale!  Pick up Templar Battleforce on Steam, or on Google Play or the App Store for 50% down!

For this week's update, we've added a new armor design to the game -- the cold-iron blue and gray.  With eight armor design options, color code your fire teams to speed your command.

We've improved the status display for Templars, making sure to display 0% counter-attack for all melee Templars, who are unable to counter-attack due to their weapon configuration.

We've improved the consistency of Talent display on the map view -- hover any time, even without enough AP, to see the full Talent details.

We've fixed bugs reported by players -- thanks for those!  Issues with zooming and scrolling as well as Requisition Achievements.

Enjoy the holidays and the great deals on the sale!

v2.6.3 - 12/16/2016
 - New armor design: gray and cold-iron blue
 - Clarified Counter-attack for non-melee templars (0%)
 - Improved hover over Talents regardless of selected / lack of AP
 - Fixed issues with All RQ Achievements
 - Fixed issue with zooming/scrolling while modal windows open

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Battleforce v2.6.1: New Terrors for the Xeno

For some time now, new amazing abilities have been showered down upon your Templars -- Dual Axe wielding Berserkers, the war machine of a 2H Hammer Paladin, and the flaming wrath of the Pyro Engineer.

The v2.6.x family is giving us a chance to add new terrors to the arsenal of your enemies.  The first round goes out to the Terrox xeno, adding two new enemy types who will appear in later levels.

First, the Spiked Goltank is perhaps the worst variant of the Goliath to date. With nearly impenetrable plating and a deadly punch that packs a lot of Radiation Damage, you may want to try to slow the Goltank down before it gets too close.

Second, the Brood Lance is a horrendous new addition to the xeno biology. Capable of firing a folded up Scittering up to 5 squares, the Brood Lance acts as a mobile artillery and spawning tower at the same time. If your Templar suffers damage, the Scittering will land, unfold and leap into deadly action next to the target.

Be on guard Templars, the new xeno have arrived!  The rest of the 2.6.x family will add new types of monster variations to other enemy races (Narvs, humans) as well.  Then, we are coming back around to adding new Templar abilities, and will hit the Neptune up first!

v2.6.1 - 12/12/2016
 - Terrifying new xeno deployed!
 - New xeno type - Spined Goltank - mighty radiation damage Goliath
 - New xeno type - Brood Lancer - spitting xeno grenades that summon Scittering
 - Rebalanced some monster variations for better Deflection / Penetration
 - Fixed mismatched info in Requisition tree
 - Memory consumption improvements

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Friday, December 9, 2016

November Patreon Wallpaper

A huge thank you goes out to all of our monthly supporters on Patreon. We couldn't do it without you.  Enjoy the latest monthly wallpaper!

This one arrives a bit late due to the holidays and the total focus on Star Traders 2 at the moment. However, here is is!

With the Heroes story so close to wrapping up, I am doodling on the Legends of Steel story and characters now.  The Heroes story has been pretty well set for a long time now, but it is exciting to dream about the Legends storyline.  We've got a lot of the big Legends details pinned down, but the exact characters, telling, and story arcs are still to be nailed.

This wallpaper is a concept art of a trio who are central to the latest concept storyline I wrote down.

If you love Trese Brothers games, we hope you'll consider supporting us on Patreon!

Heroes of Steel v4.2.65

This week, we're back with a patch update -- fixing bugs and improving the AI planning and starting a new set of improvements on the UI.

First off -- on the Episode 4 story update -- it is coming pretty soon. We have finished the content development and are now more than half way through testing the new chunk of story.  It is unlikely that the story update will be out by Christmas, but it won't be long after!

We've improved the use of Talents for enemies in Episodes 2 through 4. We've fixed a bug that was causing some enemy curses not to take on the first turn.  This was especially effecting Stun-related curses

In the UI department, we've rebuilt the main menu.  It's skin deep at the moment, but we're going to be working through other areas of the game and streamlining, improving, and rebuilding as we go.

v4.2.65 - 11/26/2016
 - Re-balanced use of Talents by bosses in Episode 2 - 4
 - Rebuilt main menu
 - Fixed bug with some enemy curses not applying first turn, especially some Stuns
 - Fixed bug with selecting re-ordered heroes in status screen while glommed