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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Cold-iron Armor Design

We're excited to announce the start of the Steam holiday sale!  Pick up Templar Battleforce on Steam, or on Google Play or the App Store for 50% down!

For this week's update, we've added a new armor design to the game -- the cold-iron blue and gray.  With eight armor design options, color code your fire teams to speed your command.

We've improved the status display for Templars, making sure to display 0% counter-attack for all melee Templars, who are unable to counter-attack due to their weapon configuration.

We've improved the consistency of Talent display on the map view -- hover any time, even without enough AP, to see the full Talent details.

We've fixed bugs reported by players -- thanks for those!  Issues with zooming and scrolling as well as Requisition Achievements.

Enjoy the holidays and the great deals on the sale!

v2.6.3 - 12/16/2016
 - New armor design: gray and cold-iron blue
 - Clarified Counter-attack for non-melee templars (0%)
 - Improved hover over Talents regardless of selected / lack of AP
 - Fixed issues with All RQ Achievements
 - Fixed issue with zooming/scrolling while modal windows open

On Steam for PC, Mac and Linux
Templar Battleforce on Steam

On Google Play
Templar Battleforce on Google Play

On iTunes
Templar Battleforce on iTunes


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