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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Save 50% on Templar Battleforce + New Human Sniper

We're still in the middle of the Winter Sale, offering the best price you'll see on Templar Battleforce all year.  Save 50% now and pick up this tactical RPG for yourself or for a friend!

This week's update returns to empowering and balancing the enemy forces.  The meta changes come in on the coat tails of two months of updates to add Dual Axes, 2H Hammers, and Pyro Engineers.

We've added a deadly Sniper to the human enemies you will face. Packing a longer ranged rifle and a nasty Penetration %, the Sniper will challenge your ability to stand and hold against rogues, traitors, and any human forces.  You'll need to push forward to take out these rangey enemies.  They are rare among the forces, but when you hear the loud, single shot of a sniper rifle, you know what you're facing.

In prep for the sniper, we've made improvements to the SFX & animations improvements for the standard rifle-carrying human, as well as Neptunes and Soldiers.

Finally, we've rebalanced the human stats for all enemies above level 10.  You'll find that they are tougher, more accuracy, and will pack a more significant punch.  Humans simply were not scaling very well throughout the 20+ levels, but now you'll find them more challenging in later levels.

v2.6.5 - 12/28/2016
 - New Enemy Type: human sniper fires at long distance, high penetration
 - Rebalanced all human enemies at level 10+, now hitting harder, moderately tougher
 - Improved human enemy attack animations and SFX
 - Fixed issues with Full Auto and Shredding Fire SFX on large AoE levels

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