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Cyber Knights is Coming

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This week's update continues to improve the game based on your feedback.  Keep sharing your ideas, balancing thoughts, and suggestions for features and we'll keep rolling them into the game.

The two other major projects we are are working on are the next Episode 4 story update and the Crafting System.

We've added a new marker that subtly highlights the active hero.  This definitely increases the speed and ease of play.

In Episode 2 and beyond, the spot and ranges of Krete monsters have been reduced a bit.  In the discussion of facing Krete, remember that more than half of their damage comes from elemental magics, and it is a good idea to plan to be able to deal with monsters like them.

Finally, we've continued the UI improvements across the game.  We've added some new formatting to the titles of screens to help display more context (so you can see who you are going to use an item on, etc) and are working our way across the game, improving as we go -- expect more in this department.

v4.2.73 -  12/28/2016
 - Marker added to highlight current character
 - Rebalanced Krete monsters across game - lower spot, lessened some ranges
 - Fixed issue with Sell All and gear
 - Improving UI elements across the game


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