Thursday, April 28, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.1.13 Released!

This week, we've focused our efforts on Ordnance, an area of the game that continues to cause some confusion to new players, or can too easily be forgotten as a tool to use in high challenge situations.  While it is small (and hard to see in the screenshot), we've added a constant reminder to the HUD when you have Ordnance ready to use (1, 2, 3+).  We've also improved the UI cycle on buying Ordnance and the feedback given in the UI.

Reactor Jolt Ordnance now give their full promised +2 MP on the turn they are used -- you used to get docked 1 MP as using an Ordnance costs 1 AP.  We've improved the order of operations on that one.

On the continued kick of smoothing out the curves for Hydra, we've improved Incinerator and helped clarify its extremely limited range.

We've got a lot kicking around in the pipeline, including some new weapon combinations and options for melee Templars, as well as the return to Moklumnue Prime.  And, we're also working on tearing down and rebuilding the status-screen stack.  So, stay tuned for more big news and we hope you'll help us share the game!

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v2.1.13 - 4/27/2016
 - Ready-to-Use Ordnance count now shown in the HUD
 - Improved Hydra Talent Incinerator (+Crit %, +Pen), clarified range restrictions
 - Reactor Jolt Ordnance gives full +2 MP on turn it is used
 - Improved Purchasing Ordnance UI with better feedback on actions
 - Fixed issue with Heat Waves showing incorrect range, increased max use counts
 - Fixed overflow on monster detail box, fixed issues with character list staying open
 - Fixed cut-scene issues with turrets, bugs with Swap

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Templar Battleforce - mech turn-based tactics!

Just updating our quick preview for Templar Battleforce to catch the 40 updates we've made since launch!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.1.9 - Improvements and Clarity

This week's update focuses on a lot of small improvements that will go a long way, as well as adding clarity to a number of areas of the game for new players.

We've made some improvements and fixes to Talents -- making the Paladin's Devastating Strikes more powerful, and fixing the Hydra Heat Waves Buff to increase all Accuracy, not just melee.

We've improved the text alerts that are shown whenever you select a Templar, making it far more clear as you overheat, approach shutdown, and then in fact go over the brink.

We've added a number of small points of useful clarity to Talent descriptions. For those Talents that have a minimum range (Shredding Fire, Concentrated Fire), we are clearly marking that these are "limited range" Talents.  We've added improved language around Crippling and Buffing Attacks to be clear they only give their secondary effects on a hit, and added  Library entry on them.

We've given Engineers their full due in the individual and Battleforce record, noting total Tact Points captured.

If're using +Penetration gear, check the status screen for your final total scores on any weapons you are carrying.

Turrets will no longer take Bio-Poison Damage.  Killing them from out of range will be a little more time consuming now.

A big thanks to @dabor and @vaevictus this week for helping to point out many of these improvements and or bugs.  We couldn't do it without you all!

v2.1.9 - 4/22/2016
 - Improved Crippling effect of Paladin's Devastating Strikes Talent
 - Improved map alerts about: Templar death, nearing shutdown and shutdown state
 - Improved display of min and max ranges for Talents with limits
 - Added final Penetration % to status screens
 - Fixed Hydra Heat Waves Talent to Buff all Accuracy
 - Improved Records for Engineers to better show Tact Point score
 - Fixed bug with -MP display in enemies, Turrets taking Bio-Poison

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.29 re-balances Sacrifice

In the last few weeks, we re-balanced Immolation, reducing the set of Talents that still need work to a very short list.  Today, we've knocked Kyera's Sacrifice Talent off of that list as well.

The changes focus on a few key points:
- All levels of Sacrifice now only require 1 AP.  This allows Sacrifice to be used at any level as a powerful utility Talent (Heal + Heal + Sacrifice, or EA + EA + Sacrifice x 3).
-  Re-balanced the curve on how much SP can be transferred per-cast and per-turn to make the higher levels of Sacrifice attractive.  For many groups, you still won't need Sacrifice above level 3 or 4 to fit your needs, but taking the Talent higher will allow much larger, faster, and more SP efficient transfers.

We've also fixed some bugs, most notably another type of crash that has snuck into the Weaver boss fight!

Please leave a review to help encouraged continue development and updates!

v4.2.29 - 4/18/2016
 - Re-balanced Sacrifice: powerful SP channeling tool at 1 AP
 - Fixed confusing Lock Rating message on chests - only requires Level 1 Unlock Talent
 - Fixed crashes fighting Weaver in E4
 - Fixed map bugs and typos

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.1.7: Hydras light it up!

In recent weeks a very exciting community challenge was hosted on our forum by some veteran players.  The grueling 12 level challenge pitted Neptunes directly against Hydras.  The outcome of the challenge was some lessons learned about how we could make Hydras more competitive, more fun to play ... and how to fix some bugs we found in both the weapon balancing and the rules about standing napalm.

So, without further ado, let the Hydra's light the world up!  We've rebalanced the equations of standing napalm, which was accidentally capped at "level 2" and now is equivalent to your Talent level.  This is a warning to xeno and Templars alike -- Napalm Fire will really burn you.  Be careful out there!

We've also rebalanced all of the Hydra weapons to be in line with other heavy classes in the game, and added two new Gear Level 11 weapons that will be of interest to Hydra squads.  Once everything is on fire, it was hard to stop, so we improved the crippling effect of Heat Waves to slow enemies down, much like a Scout's Crippling Fire.

Since fire is burning so hot, we took a moment to improve the fine points of the Resistance stat multiplier, making sure that Hydra's, Berserks, and Captains stood out.

v2.1.7 - 4/15/2016
 - Re-balanced and improved Hydra napalm flame's lasting damage
 - Beware, more dangerous to Templars without Fire Res
 - Re-balanced and improved all Hydra weaponry
 - Added two new Hydra Requisition Levels + two new GL 11 Weapons
 - Improved Heat Waves crippling effect to reduce enemy Move Points
 - Balanced Resistance multiplier for different Templar classes

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Star Traders 4X Empires v2.6.7 Released!

This weekend's update includes a host of improvements based on player feedback.  We're always working to stay close to the community and to your requests, and to make sure we are continuing to improve the game.  This one is full of UI and quality-of-life upgrades, including better path rules and weighting in the algorithm, clarified display in the all colonies screen, fixing a bug with the Confirm End Turn option, and improving issues with text wrapping on some resolutions.

We've also made some tweaks to the political simulator in the early game to help reduce the chance of a nasty political wave crippling your youthful empire.

v2.6.7 - 4/16/2016
 - Improved Pathing Rules based on Player Feedback
 - Fixed Issues with "Colony -1" and All Projects Screen
 - Fixed End Turn Confirm Option w/ Enter Key
 - Fixed Text Displays for Ship Upgrades with long descriptions
 - Map Updates and Improvements for Degla Maps
 - Small Reduction in chance of Solar Wars in early game

Star Traders 4X Empires

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.25 - Immolation + Keybindings

This week's update has brought both a major UI upgrade and a major Talent upgrade for the fire wizard, Kjartan.

Extra special, Heroes of Steel is 50% off on Steam this week!

We've included the ability to customze keybindings this week.  We also took it as a good chance to change the default keys to something that works a bit better throughout the length of the game as you master more and more Talents.  To change the keybindings, go into your Options screen and pick Keybinds. From there, click on a function you'd like to change and then strike the new key.

Kjartan's Immolation Talent has received a boost in Fire Damage, as well as the ability to curse enemies with Crit Vulnerability.  This curse increases the changes that other players will get a critical hit against enemies that have been flamed by the Immolation attack.  Very late level Immolation attacks also start to reduce Armor, which fits closely with Kjartan's ash wizard Talents, and the mighty Choking Ash curse.

Thanks to all of the players who have been helping us squash story bugs.  With  a game this large, with so many hour of story content, there are bound to be problems.  We've fixed three of the ones that have cropped up this week, and will keep squashing as we keep adding new story to the game.

v4.2.25 - 4/12/2016
 - Custom keybinding support for desktop
 - Upgraded Kjartan's Immolation (+Fire Dmg, +Cursing enemies with Crit Vulnerability)
 - Fixed crashes at the second Weaver confrontation
 - Fixed issues with story characters sticking around in Otherworldly Haven
 - Fixed hanging quest logs in Episode 4

A big thanks to our latest game, Templar Battleforce for making the keybinding support possible!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.1.5 - Custom Keybindings Live!

We are excited to bring custom keybinding feature to Templar Battleforce with this week's update.  If we're not adding new content, we're working on hotly requested features.  Thanks to everyone who cast a vote for this feature.

To change the keybindings, go into your Options screen and pick Keybinds.  From there, click on a function you'd like to change and then strike the new key.

We will be continuing to improve our key recognition system to handle all key types -- Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.  If you hit a key that isn't recognized as something like A, B, Enter, Shift, etc then you will see the UI say "Custom (172) Key".  We'll keep working on getting this to 100% coverage, but we wanted to get this feature out asap!

If you mess it up so bad its unusable, you can always go back to the beginning with the Defaults button.

If you are enjoying the game or the continued stream of updates, we hope you will leave a review to help us share Battleforce!

v2.1.5 - 4/7/2016
 - Custom keybinding support for desktop
 - Added Library entries for Toughness and Resistance
 - Added class multipliers for Toughness and Resistance to status display
 - Added Library entries for special damage types - Fire, Plasma, Radiation
 - Added Library entries to explain how war gear bonuses work
 - Fixed issues with Skip Tutorial deployment

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Star Traders Web Comic pg 7 + Patreon Poll

* KLOCK *!

This page was a lot of fun to create -- really working on poses (studying MMA fighter references), hands and a quicker method of shading so we can keep this story moving!

Bounty Hunters ... they care not if you are young or old, male or female, Captain or crew -- they've come to collect their reward!

I hope you enjoy the new page and will consider joining us on Patreon to support this project and all of our game development efforts! We couldn't do it without our Patreons.

You can view all the pages here.


The next page will include the crew members introduced on page 5, so the Choice Poll that is currently open is closing soon! We're looking for final votes to help identify the 2 crew who appeared on page 5. Right now -- Raven LeClaire and Apone "Zippo" Mitchell are leading in the polls and without some new votes, we will have a medical officer (obviously needed, see above!) and an ace pilot.

If you're a Patreon with the $2 voting rights, we hope you will weigh in on which character ideas you like the best AND toss in your own ideas!

In the end, I will synthesize two new crew members from the top input, so it is important to chime in if you see someone else post something you like too.

The conversation is split up between the forum post and the Patreon page, so please post to either location.

Let's keep making something awesome together! :D

Female - Raven Leclaire (x3 VOTES)

- Medical Officer with an obsessive love of studying the quadrants Flora and Fauna, Always badgering the captain to land on this god for saken rock or that for her hobby. Despite this she is one of the most highly skilled medical proffessionals in the quadrent.
- Highly respected by the rest of the crew as she has saved their lives more than once, whether an ice collection accident or battle injuries.
- Petite yet fit and strong (from those meandering biology expeditions) with short hair and a calm reassuring face.
- Never falters or hesitates to help her wounded comrades or the innocent even at the risk of her own skin and fiercely loyal to her captain.
- Never shuts up about this plant or this bug or that microbe!!! Don't give her too much Vudka though, annoying drunk :)

Ki Tadora (x1 VOTES)
- tradesman / diplomat
- well connected, especially in legitimate jobs / deals / cargo
- a bit naive, been kept out of the Captain's occasional smuggling, so far she's been willing to look away and ignore
- Loyalty to Captain Avenira is a big trait
- This is her first life-threatening experience

Sennabelle Song (x1 VOTES)
-First officer (as in, the manager of the ship)
-A logistics wizard, can plan anything with exacting detail (positive trait)
-Tends to be a bit bigoted, looks down on clans/syndicates other than her own, but particularly dislike Javat as she thinks they're blue color slobs (negative trait)
-Moonlights as the face of the ship, working out deals and generally gathering intel, she's silver-tongued (positive trait)
-Has a "soft heart," tends to be sucked in by con artists with sob stories. Naive (negative traits)

Apone "Zippo" Mitchell (x4 VOTES)
- Ace pilot
- Fearless when flying and in the face of death
- Has lots of experience, came up through a hard childhood on an independent world before Capt Avenira spotted his talent
- Phobic of strangers and crowds (stuttering, uncoordinated around them), is only really comfortable on his ship with his crew
- Takes almost sadistic pleasure in scaring the sh*t out of his crew with absurd yet brilliant maneuvers and will likely be the death of his captain, not with a crash but through stress

Nikolai "Nik" Kaida (x1 VOTES)
-Ship's Mechanic
-Tends to be abrasive due to being a bit of a neat freak/organizer (negative)
-Very proud of himself, takes personal offense at advice/criticism/questions (negative)
-Macgyver-esque in his ability to cobble together tools/repair things. (positive)
-Lots of connections in starports, he's an older and well traveled dude!

Friday, April 1, 2016

All New Stratos Deployment

This weekends update launches a new chapter of the Battleforce story and a new 6 level deployment, to the fabled Stratos Orbital Station.

In the years following the Second Battle for Cirm, Templars are needed more than ever throughout the Quadrant. Now, you're invited to step back into the fray years later and continue your Battleforce's story.

The Stratos is one of the first of new, optional, and very challenging deployments that are coming to the final stage of the game. The Stratos can be reached from the Righteous Fallen: Aftermath, the end-game Secure Zone. Talk to Major Luthor to get your assignments.

This is not an April Fool's joke - it's just a big expansion to the game with no charge and no DLC. Thank you for leaving a review!
v2.1.1 - 4/1/2016
- Added Stratos Orbital deployment - continue the story from the Righteous Fallen
- Added 6 new challenging and unique levels, new objectives, new enemies
- Start the Stratos from the end-game Secure Zone, the Righteous Fallen: Aftermath
- Enemy detail or hover now shows enemy's range with range finder
- Fixing bug with Skip All that was not defogging areas
- Fixing bugs Templar animations (Hydra, Engineer)
- Improved maps (Leo Drop Zone, Power Relay)

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Trese Brothers Calendar

We've listened to our fans, and we've heard the requests. We know features are important, and we know Star Traders 2 is important, but you've asked over and over again, and its time we deliver -- the Trese Brothers 2016 calendar.

Printing will begin later this week, and you'll be able to see handsome, hilarious, or risque shots of your favorite game developers every month!

We are taking pre-orders now!