Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Wallpaper for Patreons

We are proud to roll out a new digital wallpaper as a reward for our Patreon supporters.  We rely on our Patreons pledges to help us keep making games and we love to reward them!  If you pledge $1 or more to our Patreon, you get access to a year's worth of monthly wallpapers, including this latest Star Traders 2 background.

Straight from the Star Traders 2 KickStarter T-Shirt design, this wallpaper captures an epic Star Traders moment -- the meeting of a captain and a ship on a lost desert world.

We hope you will consider joining our Patreon and help us keep making games!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This week's update sees some bug patches as well as some improved balance for Neptune and Grenades.

First, last week we fixed some issues with the Stratos Elevator Complex, but we also introduced a new bug that could get you stuck if you attempted to switch the elevator switches in a certain manner.  If you're stuck, you need to install this update, end one turn in Stratos, and then try again on the next turn and you'll be all set.

Second, we've added new Gear Level 1 gear for Neptunes (and Hydras, Paladins) that adds +20 Max Heat to give Neptunes a nice Heat bonus out of the gate.  On top of that, we've reduced the high end of the penalties around the Full-Vent Talent, keeping the -Move penalty to -2 and reducing the -Deflection penalty as well.

For a long time, the maximum number of targets hit by a Grenade was defined by your Grenades skill.  This wasn't intentional, and it is now fixed.  When a Grenade is thrown, any number of targets under the AoE template can be hit.  As always, every target gets an Accuracy roll.

v2.4.19 - 9/27/2016
 - Added new Thermal Enclosure gear for Neptunes: Gear Level 1 adds +20 Max Heat
 - Reduced penalties from higher level Neptune's Full-Vent Buff
 - Max targets by grenade attacks is no longer limited by Grenade Skill
 - Fixed animation issues with Dual Axes + Grenades
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed map and dialog bugs

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Friday, September 23, 2016

30% Off Templar Battleforce for Year Anniversary

This weeks' follow-up release to the major Shock Hammers update last week brings patches and a new Ordnance.

We've added a specific Ordnance, Shock Resupply, to handle resupply orders for the newest Paladin Talents.

We've also modified your Battleforce Record to include the full count of all RQ you've spent throughout your squad's history.  Check it out, how high can you go?

There was a bug with the new Command Relic armor that could cause a crash, now fixed.  We had a few bugs reported about the victory conditions on the Stratos Elevator complex, which are all fixed now.  Finally, there was a typo that caused the Adept-Proc war gear (which is Gear Level 1) to get the stats of the Gear Level 4 Irid Sheathe.  Now fixed!

We've also made sure that your Paladin doesn't Respec with any Talents that require shields, so that you can really focus down on the hammer if you want!

Thanks for your support as we hit our one year annivesary of Templar Battleforce!  If you've enjoyed the FULL YEAR of updates and no paid DLC, please leave a review!

v4.2.17 - 9/23/2016
 - Added new Ordnance: Shock Resupply to resupply new Paladin Talents
 - Battleforce Record now states total Requisition spent
 - Fixed bug with Relic Command Armor causing crashes
 - Fixed bugs in Stratos Elevator Complex victory conditions
 - Fixed mix-up between Irid-Sheathe and Adept-Proc War Gears
 - Improved Respec routine for Paladin

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.13: Paladin's deploy Shock Hammers!

This week, Paladins are leading the charge with the release of the new Shock Hammer weaponry.  When picking up such a mighty two-handed hammer, a Paladin foregoes a shield altogether for battle prowess and staggering plasma damage.

Powered by 7 all new Requisition levels, Shock Hammers are accompanied by a parade of new Talents and capabilities for the class.  The new Talents, Staggering Blows gives Hammer-wielding Paladins an AoE attack while the Righteous Embrace Talent introduces a new set of rules: Stacking Buffs. An aggressive self-buff in its own right (adding +Dmg and +Accuracy), Righteous Embrace doubles-down on Buffs whenever your Templar makes a kill with it active.  If you kill a target with an attack with Righteous Embrace active, it will drop the Death's Embrace Buff (+1 MP, +20 Dmg, +16% AutoBlock, +16% Pen).  If you kill 2 targets in single attack, it will stack Death's Embrace and Militant Embrace (+6 Accuracy, +12 Dmg, +12% Crit, +12 Plasma Dmg), and finally killing 3 targets in a single attack will stack Death's, Militant, and Ultra Embrace (+24% Crit, +32 Plasma Dmg, +16% Pen).  Needless to say, stacking these buffs together will require an investment in Staggering Blows (AoE for 3 kills!) but can turn your Paladin into an unstoppable machine of war.

Speaking of War Machine -- that's the 3rd new Talent!  Granting powerful self-only healing, increasing maximum Heat, and increasing both Auto-Block and Deflection %, the War Machine buff is one more weapon in your arsenal to help a Paladin stand tall in the thick of a battle.

You'll find Shock Hammers have high Gear Levels, as they replace both your Blade and Shield, but they are mighty, and both Staggering Blows and Righteous Embrace require a Hammer to use.

Another balancing change with Paladins reduces the bonus to healing granted to AoE healing Talents -- specifically, Battlefield Enhancers.  Where the bonus used to be (Talent Level x Medic) the bonus is now reduced to Medic, making the Talent far more balanced and fair within the game's system.

The 7 new requisition levels come with 2 new Relics, and 1 new war gear.  We've also fixed some bugs related to filtering on Dead Templars.

Please leave a review to encourage new features, content, and weapon combinations for your favorite Templars!

With 50 major updates under our belt, we hope you can help us spread the word and there will be only more to come!

v2.4.15 - 9/17/2016
 - Added new weapon combo for Paladin -- 2-handed Shock Hammer
 - Added 7 new Requisition levels for Paladin
 - Added 3 new Talents for Paladin: Staggering Blows, Righteous Embrace, War Machine
 - New Stacking Buff rules with Righteous Embrace - kill more for additional powerful Buffs!
 - Added 3 new Shock Hammer Weapons, 1 Relic Command Armor, 1 Relic Shock Hammer
 - Rebalanced Battlefield Enchancers Healing bonus to just +Medic
 - Improved Neptune Overwatch effect and reduced Heat of firing in OW to 5
 - Fixed crashes with Filter by Dead Templars

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Monday, September 5, 2016

August Wallpaper for Patreon

A huge thanks to our Patreons who help support us in our on-going mission to create games.  We couldn't do it without you.  We're publishing the August wallpaper a few months, and anyone pledging at the the $1 level can download it from our Patreon site!

World's Edge is the pen-and-paper RPG that started it all for us. It was the first major game that Cory and I created together. It is the bedrock system that spawned Stars Edge RPG and Cyber Knights RPG and the worlds and stories that compromise up our catalog of video games.

I am a dreamer by nature, so I dream of the day we can return to the project with more time and our experience gained from years of making and publishing games and make World's Edge available to our fans and gamers.

In the mean time, here is the August wallpaper -- some of the art that was commissioned for World's Edge over the years of development!

Thanks again to our Patreons :D  Join us today -

Friday, September 2, 2016

Templar Battleforce v2.4.11: Captain Attacks and Overwatch

As we prep to move onto the next release of new weaponry and Talents, we've doubled-back to make some improvements to the Captain's single-target attack Talents and fix some issues within Overwatch.

We've up-balanced the Captains' Slash by adding Penetration % after level 5, and increased the damage bonuses to Precision Fire at every level of the Talent.  These two now better line up against other options for attacks, especially as their Heat cost is still low.

Within Overwatch, we've made a few important fixes.  The Overwatch Talent no longer applies a Buff.  There were some issues with that Buff timing out or not being applied in certain circumstances, and an exploit related to that Buff and Ordnances that increased duration.  However, while it no longer displays as a Buff, the bonuses are applied to every Overwatch attack.  We've updated the Talent's text display to make this more clear.

v4.2.11 - 9/2/2016
 - Improve Captain's attack Talents: Slash (+Pen %) and Precision Fire (+Dmg)
 - Fixed bugs applying full benefit of Overwatch attack bonuses from higher levels
 - Display of Overwatch attack bonuses no longer displayed as Buff
 - Fixed bug with Ordnance extending Overwatch buffs

Coming soon ...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Heroes of Steel v4.2.49: Item Shop UI + Patches

This week's update improves the item shop UI as well as doubling-down on the +Crit Dmg % effects on gear throughout the game.

With such success for the item list as a grid, we've converted the item shop to a grid format as well to match.  We've modified the display as well to display a counter if you already have some of any type of item.  Therefore, if you have 20 Health Potions of that type, you can see that on the display and will see 21, 22 and on up as you stock up on more.  This can help shopping go a little faster, and also makes it easier to spot changes in item tiers -- the new and more powerful potions stick out in a shop simply because you don't have any and its obvious now.

We've also fixed a number of story bugs that have been floating for a while -- issues with Kea being your in Episode 4 as well as a bug with the Keep at the end of Episode 1.  Depending on your places within the game's story when this patch is released, you may be able to choose Kea as your guide in Episode 4, but it is still possible that you may not be able to, due to the bug circumstances.  If you have any questions, just let me know!

v4.2.49 - 8/31/2016
 - Item shop updated to grid view; now displays how many you own of each type
 - +Crit Dmg % added to more gear in game - stack for best benefits
 - Fixed bug with Kea Braeys being a guide in Episode 4
 - Fixed bug with Conquered Keep at end of Episode 1
 - Fixed all reported crashes

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