Saturday, April 22, 2017

We are excited to drop a major Episode 4 story update this weekend. Adding 12 new dungeons, crawling with 15 new enemy types and some majorly nasty bosses, the enemies here will test your late-game groups' strength and endurance.  Across the new territory, there are more than 120 new possible loot drops, as well as story arcs that result in Legendary Items for both Kyera and Vincent.

To get started, if you have a group already in Freeport, visit the main palace or find Balgair at the tavern to talk to him about Laranda d'Colliar.

This is another major step forward in the story, and it is packed full of completely new and exciting stuff.  We've been pressing the limit as far as we can, and can't wait for everyone to experience the final chapter.

After this update, we are planning a few quick releases to improve early-game crafting, and then we will be done some smaller updates to ramp up to the final story update for Episode 4 and in fact, for the game!

Please report any bugs or issues you have, we will work hard to fix them fast.

Thanks to everyone leaving a review for the game!

v4.4.1 - 4/14/2017
 - Epic Episdoe 4 Expansion Pack, the penultimate story update!
 - Start new story arc by visiting the Crone at palace in Freeport
 - Meet with Laranda d'Colliar by meeting with Balgair in Freeport tavern
 - Added 12 new dungeons
 - Crawling with 15 new monster types and major bosses
 - Added 120+ new epic weapons, armor and gear
 - New Legendary Items story events for Kyera, Vincent
 - Fixed tons of map bugs and typos

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce on Steam + Update 67!

This week, we're jumping in on a weeklong sale to give you 50% off savings on Templar Battleforce.  And we're pairing that with a juicy update -- our 67th update since launch.

With this update, we've introduced a new and very unique Relic for your Scouts and Engineers.  Usually, the Sensorkit Scan Talent cannot be used when Overheated and causes +6 Heat.  The new Typhoon Scanner Relic changes both of those rules -- you can use Sensorkit Scan at any time regardless of Heat, and the Talent does not cause any Heat.  Adding an extra +6% Critical as well, the Typhoon Scanner is perfect for speed operations, looking ahead and keeping an eye on your flanks.

In addition, we've upgraded the Permadeath option for new games to allow it to turn on Ironman Permadeath.  The more we talked to our gamers, the more we found the players wanted a way to play the game with the [i]hardest possible[/i] permadeath option, but at any difficulty.  So, we've made some changes and are rolling out a new update to allow this.  As you know, Shalun favors the brave!

We've also improved the Captain's model when carrying a Needling Sidearm to look like a Needler.  And, your Overwatching Templars and Turrets now fire a more impressive burst of shots when defending territory.

Thanks to all of our supporters and for everyone leaving a review!

 - Added new Relic: Typhoon Scanner allows Scouts / Engineers to use Scan without Heat cost
 - Option in new game to enable Permadeath turns on Ironman Permadeath (no retreat, all deaths permanent)
 - Updated Overwatch firing animation to shoot a burst of bullets
 - Updated model for Captain's Needling Sidearm to look and act like Needler

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Vigilante Sky pg 17 + New CYOA Poll

Our Patreons have spoken (voted) and Julia and Orchid are having a playful conversation about what type of knife is best to deter drunken sailors in the Spice Hall. Derrick (in the top panels) catches the first glimpse of the monster sandstorm bearing down on the ship and meeting site.

Thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon and participating in the Vigilante Sky project. I can't express how much working on the art for this project is teaching me. It is constantly forcing me to try new perspectives, new subjects, repetitively draw the same character -- all so good for me as an artist -- so thank you!

Last week's character building poll was a success and I'd like to do a few more of those to help get some ideas about the other officers. I have to introduce the last crew member Argus soon, so I'd like to take a poll -- where is he and what is he doing during the last 17 pages?

Join us on Patreon for as little as $2 / month to vote on polls, or $1 a month to get a monthly digital wallpaper!

Here are some suggestions:

A) Hard at work in the engine compartment, fixing something that broke during landing.

B) Taking a rest in the engine compartment, smoking a spice tobic.

C) Playing Pilot on the bridge and smoking a spice tobic.

D) Tinkering with some exciting gadget invention that might come in use later.

E) Write ins!

As a reminder, here is Argus' profile, as voted in by the Patreons --

Argus "duct-tape' Rawlins
-- An excellent mechanic who can fix almost anything with basic materials and his superior knowledge. Often able to grok-and-use new equipment or machinery with only a few minutes.
-- Lives life with a very jolly demeanor and a twinkle in his eye
-- From the world of Mettsa Prime, and bears its incredibly thick accent, at times almost unintelligible (I will put subtitles in the comic if needed )
-- Stocky, heavy set, huge shoulders and hands like hams. Under his mechanics garb, he is hirsute.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Vigilante Sky pg 16 and new CYOA Poll

The votes on the choice on page 15 have been cast, and the radio interference is coming from a major brewing sandstorm. This page, we're sticking to the outside of the ship and moving through introductions for 3 of the 4 new officers that were created in the recent officer poll.

We'll get to Argus and the sandstorm soon and then gun straight for wrapping this endless scene up and moving on!

Took some extra time with this page to get a really strong feeling for reach character. Derrick doesn't like crow's nest duty, but he's good at it. I am especially happy with Julia's casual lean while driving.

This page's Choice Poll for Patreons wth voting rights ($2+) is a little on the lighter side and a bit of character building. What are Orchid and Julia arguing about? I hope we can keep this on the rails and make sure it stays cool for our all of our readers. Remember to check out their officer profiles here so we can try to build on their starting character.

Some ideas:
  • Who would win if they were in a knife fight?
  • Who is more annoying, Thulun or Steel Song men?
  • Orchid asked about Julia's navy discharge -- bad subject!
  • Something funny or character building!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Patreon Wallpaper

This months' Patreon wallpaper previews a new ship coming to Star Traders 2 soon, the Solar Predator. This beautiful design was first built by Alta Mesa Star Forges back in the Galactic Core. It is one of the designs that their ship wrights carried across the long dark of the Great Exodus and brought back to life in the new orbital foundries.

Prized by pirates, a beloved blockade runner -- it is the Solar Predator!

If you're a Patreon, snag the ZIP with all 3 sizes - 1920x1200, 1920x1080 and 800x1200 for mobile.

Thanks to all of our month supporters!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Templar Battleforce v2.6.17: More Permadeath Options + New Faces

Of course, permadeath is always on for higher difficulties.  However, this week we've enabled permadeath option for Normal and Easy difficulties.  We're excited to deliver on this highly requested feature from the player base.  This allows you to play any difficulty in the game with permadeath enabled, and enjoy the unforgiving nature of Templar Battleforce regardless of difficulty.  Thanks to all of our players who have requested this!

We have also tweaked the timing on the End Turn confirmation button.  It was a little too tight in its loop which could cause you to have to spam the button sometimes to end your turn.

In additional, we have added two more faces to the roster, bringing the total of faces and helmets now up to 42.

Thanks to everyone for their support and especially for those leaving reviews!

v2.6.17 - 3/25/2017
 - Added 2 new Faces to the Templar Designer - now pick among 42 faces and helmets!
 - Added option in New Game to enable Permadeath for Easy and Normal Difficulties
 - Play with Permadeath enabled on any difficulty level!
 - Improved timing and handling of Confirm End Turn with 50% unspent AP
 - Fixed occasional crash in story scenes

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Heroes of Steel v4.3.3: Save 50% + Crafting System Improvements

This week, we've made some improvements to the crafting system, focusing on making the tuning rules better and more transparent. Not to mention that the game is 50% off on Steam for the weekend!

Tuning is more likely to turn up a crafting result with stats that match your tuning gear, and we've made sure that the tuning item is displayed on the post-crafting screen so that you can see it and the crafting result you got, as well as being able to take a single screenshot to capture both.

There is a very lively discussion about crafting happening on our forum if you want to see some of the results others are getting as well as great Q&A:

Thanks to all of our supporters and especially for those leaving reviews!

v4.3.3 - 3/16/2017
 - Improved New Crafting System, better tuning capability
 - Improved New Crafting System, after crafting tuning item is displayed
 - Crafting create mighty enchantment from mundane Weapon or Armor with magical power
 - Each Crafting costs 2 Bloodstones, tuned with magical gear; use your Bloodstones wisely
 - Thousands of new magical weapon and armor possibilities
 - Magical weapons can now add +Move Points, +Dodge, +Parry and +Stealth
- Boost-In to Episode 2 gains +10 Bloodstones

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Templar Battleforce v2.6.15 - New Faces + End Turn Confirm + SP Display

This week's update, we've dropped two new awesome faces into the game for your squads.  You can now pick from over 40 helmets and faces to build a completely unique character for every Templar in your Battleforce.

Upon player request, we've added a safeguard to the End Turn button.  If you try to end your turn with less than 50% of your squad's AP spent, a confirmation will appear, asking you to click again to confirm the action.  This can help you avoid ending your turn accidentally.

We've improved the data shown on the Objectives screen.  We've now included the +SP you are gaining every turn from Tact Points so you can do precision calculations about when you can deploy new Templars or call in Ordnance.

Thanks to everyone leaving a review for helping to spread the word about Templar Battleforce.  We really appreciate the players who made these suggestions -- you're helping us continually improve the game!

v2.6.15 - 3/16/2017
 - Added 2 new Faces to the Templar Designer - now pick among 40 faces and helmets!
 - End Turn now requires confirmation if your squad has spent less than 50% of its AP
 - Improved Objectives Screen, +SP per Turn from Tact Points now displayed
 - Fixed issues with overlapping achievements

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Heroes of Steel: New Crafting System!

This major update releases the new Crafting system for Heroes of Steel!  Any smith in the Underdeep can now help you enchant mundane weapons and armor with powerful enchantments.  To complete such a crafting, you must help the smith by feeding 2 Bloodstone Crystals into his or her forge.

You may also influence the results of the smith's crafting by providing a piece of magical gear to "tune" the process.  You will want to input a piece of magical gear that has the kind of magical properties that you want to see on the resulting magical weapon or armor.  For example, if you want a weapon with +Ice Dmg, then you should provide a tuning item with +Ice Dmg, or +Crit % etc.  The tuning will not always be exact, but it will help guide the smith's hand.  Tuning is optional, you can also just allow the smith to do his or her best and accept the result.

Therefore, the inputs to a crafting are:
- One mundane weapon, shield or armor
- Two Bloodstone Crystals
- Optionally, one piece of magical gear to tune the crafting

All crafting is final and destroy all input items!  Make sure you like your selection before you go forward!

The new crafting system is a late game add.  Many players of Heroes of Steel have groups near the end of the game.  For those groups, this new crafting system may seem over-powered.  You might be sitting on 40 Bloodstones and have 20 crafting runs back to back.  You're going to get some pretty amazing enchantments without a doubt.  You may even be able to replace a lot of your weapons and armor!  While it may seem a little tilted for veteran groups, this system is being rolled in with new groups in mind, and crafting is intended to help these groups "fill the gaps" throughout the game -- when you really need a new, powerful bow but just can't find one, or your tank is getting slammed with damage and you need that extra armor.

Throughout the game, it is estimated that you might get 20 crafting events if you are thorough collecting Bloodstones.  So, use them well, and don't make the mistake of hording all your stones to the very end of the game.  Legendary equipment still trumps crafted equipment, so be sure to use your crafting opportunities wisely and throughout the game.

For those groups waiting for content after Freeport, our next big release will include the next chunk of story content.  We may need to do a few bug releases after this major update, we shall see!

v4.3.1. - 3/13/2107
 - New Crafting System: visit any smith to craft
 - Crafting create mighty enchantment from mundane Weapon or Armor with magical power
 - Each Crafting costs 2 Bloodstones, tuned with magical gear; use your Bloodstones wisely
 - Thousands of new magical weapon and armor possibilities
 - Magical weapons can now add +Move Points, +Dodge, +Parry and +Stealth
 - Improved all Legendary Items for Heroes
 - Boost-In to Episode 2 gains +10 Bloodstones
 - Fixed bugs in Talent detail display with magical weapons
 - Fixed many typos

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Of course, you'll run out of Bloodstones eventually, so use them wisely.  There is only one way to get more -- further adventuring and scouring of the Underdeep for their red, glinting glow!

Friday, March 10, 2017

February has come and gone and the Patreon wallpaper is a little late.  Here the epic rendering of an urban zone on a molten world!  Hope you enjoy the wallpaper, 3 sizes -- 800x1200 (mobile), 1920x1080, and 1920x1200.  Join us on Patreon for as little as $1/month to get an awesome, monthly digital wallpaper download, voting rights, access to the exclusive art stream and big discounts on our alphas.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vigilante Skies pg 15 + New Poll

Happy to produce page 15 of Vigilante Skies! Took a short break to make sure the Star Traders 2 alpha got off the ground with a big bang, but I'm back on sketching pages today.

First, to catch up on the last two polls --

On page 14 , the voting Patreon crew elected (A) Hand-off as Planned. On page 15, Captain Ava is voicing the prevailing argument of the voting block who elected to stay and rid the crew of the data cube -- that if they cut and run, then the bounty hunters will just keep coming. It's better to take the risk now and get the cube delivered, if its possible.

On the latest officer poll , we ended up with 4 awesome choices for 2 male and 2 female officers. The voting was neck and neck--3 votes for everyone! In the end, I decided to just take all 4 Patreon-created characters onboard! This means we won't need another officer poll in the future, and now have a full complement of 6 Officers and 1 Captain. Running a smaller smuggling ship, the Vigilant, there isn't room for crew dogs on this boat and everyone lends a hand.

Second, what's next?

Ava's wounds have been septed and bound. Ace has discovered that someone is jamming the comm channels. It's got to be a short range jammer, something nearby. Another wrinkle in a fast approaching hand-off. Time to vote!

From the cockpit, Ace will be able to quickly triangulate the source of the jammer. Depend on its source, he may be able to route more power into the ship's comm broadcaster to cut through the jamming noise.

(A) From the Convoy - one of the crawlers in the incoming convoy has some serious electronics equipment mounted inside it, including a longer range jammer. That's either for the privacy of the meeting or it means there is going to be more trouble.

(B) Bounty Hunter - the unnamed bounty hunter deployed a jamming device somewhere outside the ship to cover his entrance. Once located, it can be deactivated.

(C) Sandstorm - ok, nobody mentioned this before but Lioka Cross is a dust ball desert world. Of course, it is prone to sandstorms. That's not a jammer, but powerful interference effect of a sandstorm that is rolling across the open desert.

(D) Other ideas?

Thanks again to all of our Patreons who make this free web comic possible!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This week's release brings two new faces to the Templar rosters -- the hardened soldier with a mustache and a stalwart soldier in her pilot's helmet.  Always excited to add more variety to the list, bringing the total up to 38 faces and helmets now.

We've rebalanced some of the cost of the early game Relics to make them easier to snag.  This helps, as they aren't something you'll probably keep to the end game, so a big RP investment can feel like a waste a little while later.

We've fixed some missing SFX and a few display bugs in the RP tree to make sure everything you're browsing is consistently labeled.

Thanks for your support and your reviews!

v2.6.13 - 2/25/2016
 - Added 2 new Faces to the Templar Designer - now pick among 38 faces and helmets!
 - Reducing some of the early game Relic RP costs to be more inviting
 - Fixed bugs with the RQ tree display
 - Fixed some missing SFX in the HQ screens

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Templar Battleforce roars into action with v2.6.10

Templars, prepare your weapons!  We took a bit of a break from Templar Battleforce updates this month, as we've launched our closed alpha for Star Traders 2, our next game coming to Steam.  Now that the alpha is full steam ahead, and we've gotten through the first buggy stretch, we're going to get back to some Battleforce, Heroes, and Star Traders 4X Empires updates.

For Battleforce, this week, we've fixed some bugs in the last boss show down, as well as added a bunch of valuable clarifications to Talent descriptions.  Where previously we were relying on icons to indicate specific restrictions, we've added text clarification everywhere ("Flame Tank armor only", etc).

Also, thanks to the players who pointed out some issues with Sensorkit scan -- we've improved it as well as clarified some of the bonuses you get over its 10 level arc.

Martin, our artist and youngest brother, is back on the case this month as well and we will see some new character portraits coming up soon.

v2.6.10 - 2/13/2016
 - Fixed bug with boss causing invuleranbility to return too quickly
 - Clarified all rules about Talents that require special armor or weapon combinations
 - Improved balance of Sensorkit Scan and made size of fog reveal clear
 - Fixed map bugs and typos

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First Twitch Stream

Well folks, we did it -- we joined the streaming future and did our first broadcast on Twitch.

It was fun, we messed up a lot and no one will know because we forgot to record it.

However, we did have a lot of fun and gathered some excellent feedback from alpha testers and players in general.

We're planning on trying to do some regular streaming during the ST2 alpha test and see if it something we'd want to add to our team's content.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in!   :)

TreseBrothers on Twitch

Friday, January 13, 2017

Heroes of Steel v4.2.77: Improving UI + Hovers + Patches

This week hits a bunch of areas across the game -- we're improving the UI in a new round, upgrading hovers with more data, fixing quality of life snags, and clearing some bugs from the table before the story content release.

This week, we've rebuild the waystation and campsite interfaces. They're faster to use, require no toggling between heroes, and show off the game's art better.  Enjoy!

Hovers on the map for both enemies and heroes now include all buffs and curses.  They also include the duration of those buffs and curses once they drop to 3 or below, so you can easily look over the enemy forces, or your own heroes for missing effects or ones that are about to expire.

We fixed a bug that was causing monsters to sometimes have double their buffs when the game was opened from the main menu into a pre-existing combat.  Rare, but important fix!

Finally, we fixed an issue that causing havoc with elemental res and causing magical weapons not to have their Res set properly.

We also clarified a rule in the leveling screens -- if you are using dual wielding blades, you do not get the Strength bonus to Damage for them, even if your primary weapon is Strength-based.

4.2.77 - 1/13/2017
 - Rebuilt waystation / campsite / inn interfaces
 - Mouse hovers now show buffs, curses, and durations for enemy and heroes
 - Fixed bug where first turn after load, some monsters getting double buffs
 - Fixed bug with Fire Res stacking from All Elemental Res
 - Improved UI elements across the game
 - Clarified that +Damage bonus from Strength does not effect Dual Wield in leveling screens

Monday, January 9, 2017

Templar Battleforce v2.6.7 Released!

This week, we've focused on delivering some highly requested features from the player base, as well as a number of quality of life fixes in and around hovers.

You can now see a running total of how much Heat your Templar will burn at the end of the turn in their mouse hover, as well as in their status screen.  It ticks down with every move or action you take, so its very helpful for heat planning.  Thanks to everyone who requested this.

We've also added buffing effect icons to the Templar's hover, and ensured that the include the duration once a buff drops below 3 turns left. A new quick way to survey your forces!

There was a bug that was causing ranged attack Talents that added Critical % (such as Headshot) to add twice their value in Critical.  Once you got Headshot up high enough, it was going to be 100% critical.  Thanks to the player who reported this -- now fixed.

We've improved the RQ tree confirmation box to show you exactly how many RP you are going to spend and how many you have.  Both numbers are now always visible.

 - Templar displays Heat that will be reduced at end of turn in status and hover
 - Improved Requisition display to make sure current RP always visible
 - Fixed bug with Critical % on ranged attacks being too high
 - Hovering over Templar now shows active Buffs
 - Duration of crippling effects and buffs shown in Templar hovers
 - Fixed bugs with hover text overruns

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